Lost in Time

   by Margi Hafer for Somewhere in Time (2015)

1 Once I came up with the idea for my project I thought for a long time about how to visualize this theme “Lost in Time” given the objects provided in the box. I decided to have a self-destructing clock, with Father Time and Baby New Year somehow wrapped up in the mess. I sketched my basic idea based on the specific objects I thought I would use, but altered my thinking slightly as “time” progressed.
2 Large Plywood Disc: I painted a Sun face on one side and moon face on the other. These symbols for the passage of time are often found on clocks.
3 The Mystery Build Box: I stripped the box of it’s foil-like paper, tore the box into small pieces, and soaked them in water overnight, The next day the box pieces were ground up and mixed with glue to make paper Mache’. I used three of the Craft Sticks for an armature and sculpted the figure of “Father Time“ with the paper Mache’. I used strips from the piece of Burlap for Father Time’s beard and the top of the Cloth Sack for the skirt of his robe. Father Time is glued to the clock base as if he is holding on for dear life.
4 Shrink film: I created a clock face by coloring the shrink film with colored pencil and marker. I also made the hands of the clock and some numbers from the film. I thought that the uneven shrinkage of the clock face added to the look of a clock destructed. The Cardboard Mirror was glued to the back of the clock face. The Mini Wood Bowl and Wood Ring were glued to the center of the clock face front
5 Foil-like Paper Skin of the Box: Gear shapes were cut out of the paper skin of the box and glued to the Cardboard Mirror, the back of the clock base, and the cloud (carved from the Foam Pad)
6 Large Bass Wood Blocks: I use the two large wooded shapes to form the basic decorative base for the clock. Friendly Plastic shapes, carved Balsa Foam Block, Wood Half Ball, Wood Beehive, Wood Egg, and wood from Clothespin were used to decorate clock base.
7 Canvas Panel and Larger Styrofoam Disc: were used to support the sculpted foam cloud and clock base to make it look like they were slightly suspended in air.
8 Soft flexible Coil of Aluminum Wire: The wire was threaded through the Wood Beehive and Mini Bowl shape and glued into a hole I drilled into the clock base. I then stretched and bent the wire to look like a sprung clock spring. The Sun/Moon Disc, and Clock Face were hot glued to the wire.
9 EZ Shape Modeling Clay: Using the Square Cube and Wood Mini Barrel for an armature, I created “Baby New Year” on his blanket about to catch the Steel “New Year’s Ball”. The fringe of the blanket was made from the left over material on the bottom of the Cloth Sack. The Smaller Styrofoam Disc was used to elevate the baby and his blanket.
10 Thread: A hole was punched in the side of the clock face prior to baking so that the hands could dangle from a thread attached to the clock. The numbers were also tied by thread suspended from the Aluminum Wire, as was the Steel Ball.
11 Steel Ball: I glued the metal piece from the Mini Wood Clothespin to the Steel Ball and ran Thread through it to suspend the ball from the Aluminum Wire just above the Baby New Year’s head.
12 I used a black cloth behind and under the finished project to eliminate any background confusion when I photographed the project.

It took me a while to figure out just where in time I ‘d like to explore with my Mystery Build project. The contents in this year’s box left me a little bit baffled too. That’s when I came up with the idea of being “Lost in Time” and what that might mean to me, and to others.
I find it easy to lose track of time when I’m working with my art materials and can spend hours in my studio imagining and creating. I’m aware of being in the present with myself. I thought about the many moments in time that I’ve treasured throughout my life and how precious those memories are to me too. How lucky I am to have the presence of mind to experience time. Although the clock ticks off the seconds, minutes and hours at the same exacting pace each day, we can experience those days differently and treasure them or discard them from our memory.
For some, however, there is the sadness of not being able to experience time at all. They are not able to remember the good times in their lives, and they can’t learn from their mistakes. They can’t knowingly experience their presence each day, and they are completely unaware of their future. They are “Somewhere in Time” in the worst way. When someone’s mind can no longer comprehend, and is unable to be aware of time, they are lost, and so is the joy of who they are.

This is my third year of being challenged to think "out of the box" with a Mystery Build project. I have to admit that this year has been the most challenging for me. It took me a little time to get my head around which way to take the theme, and how to use the unusual assortment of "stuff" to make my theme work. Putting my photos into a slideshow in "Imovie" is always stretching my technological skills.