by Lindsey Maldonado for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I've never worked with most of these materials and generally don't make 3D projects, so I was challenged by how much I needed to improvise and re-glue. One of my main concerns was that I wouldn't have enough thread for the pulley system, because until the other components were finished I wouldn't know how much was needed. This project definitely challenged my resourcefulness and problem-solving skills, pushing me to think about things from a different angle and not rely on easier options from an aisle in Micheal's.

Tools; Elmer's Glue, Hot Glue, Super Glue, various acrylic paints, spray paint, kool-aid and food coloring, Xacto-knife, scissors, compass, various saws, wood file, tweezers, needle, olive oil (to smooth the clay surfaces), paint brushes

Cinderella; I used the Basswood block, cut into a hollow cylinder, for the base. Aluminum wire for the arm support, the neck and head from rolled pieces of the Instructions and the wood egg. I covered the upper body with clay (brown and white mixed together), using Cotton Balls and the Bag's String for her hair. Cinderella's face has pieces of the Foam Sheet cut and painted with acrylic to make the eyes and lips, with tiny paper strips for the eye lashes.

Cinderella's Ball Gown; To make her ball gown the Cloth Bag was deconstructed and dyed (with kool-aid), and put together with hot glue. The edges were finished with Thread from the box, and given structure using the Rubber Band and a strip of Foam Sheet. The swirls of magic around the dress were cut from the Cardboard Mirror and glued onto the hem of the dress.

Cinderella's Peasant Dress; The dress is made from a portion of the Instructions sheet, crumpled a lot to make the texture more like rough cloth. The bodice is pieces of the Burlap, pulled apart into strings, and glued on. Her scarf is made from scraps of the Cloth Bag, dyed with food coloring and acrylic paint.

Glass Slipper; The glass slipper is made from the Shrink film, using heat from a hot glue gun to bend the plastic without creating harsh lines.

Castle; The castle structure is made from the Cardboard Box, held together by glue on a Styrofoam Disc as the base. The towers are rolled Paper, Foam Pad carved into spires, Shrink Film painted on the back for the window pains, Clay for window boarders, Styrofoam pieces carved into stones, a strip of Burlap (coated in glue to harden it) for a balcony, and painted with acrylic paints. The Ball attendees and the Prince are painted onto Shrink Film and pressed into the Styrofoam base. Where the castle juts off the pocket watch, roots and ground hang down, made from Burlap pieces and Styrofoam.

Clock Tower; the clock tower is made from the Painting Board, cut in two and bent at different points to create an over hang, with the top attached to pieces of Craft Sticks as the buttresses. The cardboard box the clay came in was sectioned and cut to make the roof. I pulled apart the top layer of cardboard from the Box to use the silver for the shingles and the flag. The flag pole is a piece of Hardwood Strip and the Wooden Beehive painted gold. A cardboard disc was cut to make the clock face, and decorated with portions of the Cardboard Mirror, and the gold Metallic Strip, with designs etched in using an Xacto-knife. Both hands of the clock are cut from the Metallic strip, with the hour hand affixed to the face with glue, and the second hand attached to the thinner Dowel (which meets the second hand through a hole in the center of the face). Shrink Film makes up the glass cover of the clock, held on with Clay. The entire tower is painted with acrylic and covered with moss (Foam Pad), and vines (Burlap pulled apart).

Mountain; The mountain in the back ground was made from the Canvas Panel, pulled apart for the canvas layer, and painted.

Pocket Watch; Cinderella's world is set inside a pocket watch, made from Cardboard (both the base and the lid), the Wooden Ring, and the Aluminum Wire, all painted gold.

The moon and stars are Cardboard Mirror on Shrink Film, the clouds are Cotton Balls, the tree is twisted Aluminum Wire with pieces of Foam Pad. The ground inside the pocket watch and on the front of the base is made from Foam Pad, Styrofoam pieces, shavings from the wood blocks (Wire,Paper, and Thread for the flowers).

The Hidden Stuff; Inside the pocket watch, instead of gears, is the thick Dowel, attached by Thread to two pulley systems controlling the dress and the clock hands. Cinderella's raggedy scarf is sewn to the ball gown, the bottom of which is attached to the dowel. When the Dowel turns it pulls the dress down through the base (the Wooden Disc), which in turn pulls the scarf up through the hollow cylinder and down over Cinderella's shoulder's. In the back of the structure, when the Dowel turns it pulls on Cardboard discs glued to the skinny dowel, which is attached to the second hand of the clock and makes it spin.
The support for the clock is made from planks of wood cut from the Blocks, with a Cardboard facade glued onto the front and covered with foliage to hide the supports and the pulleys.

As soon as I saw this year's theme of 'Somewhere in Time', I immediately thought of Cinderella, the girl trapped in time's spell. Before I knew what was in the box I came up with a design for a little Cinderella in a pocket watch, and several ideas how to make her world transform around her with the passing of time. I wanted to recreate the pivotal seconds before midnight when the spell was broken and the magic faded.