Minecraft in Time

   by Kristina Holland and Brandon Holland for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We hot glued the aluminum wire to the cardboard mirror to make the teleporter. We hot glued the smaller Styrofoam disk to the back and hot glued that to the inside of the Mystery Build box.
We painted the inside of the box with acrylic paints to represent water, grass and sky.
We made Steve, the main character of the game Minecraft, out of EZ shape modeling clay. We made Steve’s wooden sword from the square hardwood strips, wood glue and shaped them with sandpaper.
We formed the T. rex nest out of the burlap and used thread to hold it to shape. We painted the egg, half wood ball and wood mini bowl and added T. rex babies made of modeling clay.
We made a T. rex armature out of wood craft sticks and hot glue and covered it with modeling clay. We made the water dwelling mosasaur neck and head with modeling clay.
Cotton balls were used as water froth around the mosasaur and as the loan cloud in the sky. The cloud was hot glued in.

I wanted to work on this project with my 8 year old son. I asked him for ideas and he came up with "Minecraft through Time" since Minecraft is his favorite video game.
Steve, the main character in Minecraft, has used a time travel teleporter to travel to the late Cretaceous period. He is surprised to see a mother Tyrannosaurus rex guarding her newly hatched babies in their nest. A mosasaur is swimming past in the ocean.