Music On World Off

   by Chanda Bourque for Somewhere in Time (2015)

This is my very first Mystery Build (and project with limited materials). Since the first time I laid eyes on this competition, I was hooked. I ordered my kit and anxiously awaited its arrival. Upon receiving it, I carefully removed it from the mailing box and opened the lid. I was taken back by storms of thoughts and ideas running through my head on what I could do. Holding nothing back, I took the plunge and it goes as follows:
TOOLS USED- Dremel tool with various bits, X-ACTO knife/saw, sand paper, pliers, sculpting tools, scissors, Acrylic paint, super glue gel, Liquid Nails adhesive, engraving tool, perforating tool, fine line permanent markers, and glue sticks.
GRAMOPHONE- Designed with a Steampunk theme. The base is made from the build box. I peeled off the sticker and silver paper from box and put it aside for another use. I glued the box into my base and painted it to resemble wood grain. I then cut the rounded edges off the crafts sticks and glued 2 on each side. The metal corners are made from the foam sheet, and glued silver paper from build box. I then distressed it with paint and added rivets. The main side of base has gears painted on it to make it look like the inside of a working machine. The crank arm is made from the large wooden dowel and the wood mini barrel. The needle arm is again made from the large wooden dowel, the wood ring, the steel ball, and the needle is from the clothespin spring. The arm is movable and is connected by using the thread bobbin, which is on a piece of wooden dowel sanded down to fit inside, and glued to a piece of hardwood strip. The cone (horn) is constructed of craft sticks that were cut in half and sanded to a point, which all sit inside of the wood beehive. And of course the cone itself is made of the linen bag.
RECORD- This is made from the plywood disc. It was cut down to size, sanded, and painted. The grooves were carved out with an engraver. I designed and printed the record label on the white paper provided. The label has a custom record logo, including the theme of competition used as the album title, and the due date of project used as the catalogue number. The record has its own sleeve, which it fits into. The sleeve is made from the white paper provided, and distressed and bent up to resemble its age.
8-TRACK CASSETTE- The shell was made by using the foam sheet glued to a piece of the cardboard build box. There are cut outs to show the tape (made from the white paper provided) that sits against the pads (made from the foam sheet). The tape winds up around the pinch roller which was made from the small wood dowel. The label is from the white paper provided and has “MB5” as its logo, which stands for the 5th annual Mystery Build. The number on label is based off due date. And, of course, the title of the 8-track is this year’s theme. The logo for title is the actual Mystery Build logo sticker that was on the build box.
CASSETTE TAPE- Designed with the 80s in mind. This was carved from the Balsa-Foam block. The plastic see-through window is a piece of the shrink film sheet. The label is printed onto the white paper provided, and has a custom logo. There is a story special to me behind the name of the mix tape. I dedicated this certain piece to a dear friend of mine, Amy, who lost her battle to breast cancer last year. Music was her life. She knew just about every song there was to know. Her favorite was rock, old and new. She had a massive collection of cassette tapes that she kept to this day, which I have inherited. Hence, the reason to why this piece was made in her memory.
BOOMBOX- This was made from the foam pad with the SoHo painting board glued on top. The cassette player door was cut from the drawing board (with shrink film window) so it could actually open and close. After the construction was done, I covered it with the silver paper from build box. The radio tuner dial was printed on the white paper provided and dialed in to 105.1 (which stands for October, 5th annual, and my first Mystery Build. It is also my favorite local station…..what a coincidence). The speakers are made from the large Styrofoam disc, halved and painted black. The tape buttons are made from cut craft sticks. Its tape counter is on 005, again standing for 5th annual. All the control sliders are pieces of hardwood painted and imprinted with needle nose pliers to get the textured grooves. The handle is made from a hardwood strip and cardboard wrapped in the silver build box paper. The tuner and volume dials are made from Balsa-Foam, painted and indented for texture. The antenna is aluminum wire with EZ Shape modeling clay ends.
COMPACT DISC- This is the cardboard mirror cut to size. The middle circle is shrink film. The cd front is drawn in with headphones in pen, and the name of album (also my project title) is stamped. The cd case is made from cardboard from build box and the foam sheet. The middle piece to hold cd is Balsa-Foam. The front cover of case is shrink film. The album insert and back cover are designed and printed on white paper provided. The front of insert has the album title (theme of competition). The inside of insert was printed, distressed with ink, and has the build box stickers (warning label and sponsor logos). The insert on back of case was made with a custom barcode (outside numbers are for 5th annual, and inside numbers are due date), a custom logo, and credits (mine reads 2015 Mystery Build. Somewhere In Time. Produced by Chanda Bourque, Louisiana. 5th Annual Mystery Build Contest in partnership with premo! Sculpey and Jerry’s Artarama). My song titles are based off build. This insert on back of case is covered with shrink film.
PORTABLE CD PLAYER- Constructed solely from the build box. It has 2 shrink film windows. All buttons/knobs are made with EZ Shape modeling clay and imprinted for texture or engraved to show function.
HEADPHONES- Designed with a modern metallic theme. These are wireless, Bluetooth headphones. The headpiece is made from the Friendly Plastic moldable metallic strip and painted on the outside. The inside was left as the metallic gold color. The earpieces are made from the small Styrofoam disc cut in half, and from the foam pad which was glued in a circle on the disc. The outer piece of ear part is from the plywood disc, shaped and painted.
EARBUDS- Designed with a modern metallic theme. These were sculpted with the premo! Sculpey and baked. To connect the earbuds with tips, I used the small wood dowel and sanded it down to fit inside my baked sculpture. The wires are strands from the burlap that were painted. The top of the strand is wrapped tightly with pieces from the rubber band, painted and inserted into the bottom of earbud. At end of wire, is the auxiliary plug that is made from aluminum wire.
MP3 PLAYER (MB SHUFFLE)- In efforts not to use any brands, I renamed this the MB shuffle. This is made from the aluminum bar. I used a fine tooth saw to cut it to size. Engraved out the buttons and painted.
AUXILIARY PLUG- The wire of this is made from the drawstring of linen bag and painted. The plug end is made from aluminum wire.
BLUETOOTH SPEAKER- Carved and sanded to shape from the large basswood block (yes, tons of sawdust). Buttons/plugins were engraved and painted. The speaker grills were simply an ink transfer. Custom logo on front.
POCKET COMPUTER (MB TOUCH)- In efforts not to use any brands, I renamed this the MB Touch. Designed with a modern metallic theme. This was carved from the small basswood block. Background of screen is the Mystery Build logo. All icons (painted on back of shrink film) are custom made and pertain to the build (most are based on materials and the main icons at bottom are the important ones named: Rules, How it works, MB logo, and the sponsor logos). At top of active screen area, there is a battery icon, the time (due date), and logo. The wood base of MB Touch is covered with shrink film and painted with black border around active screen area.

I admit I was a bit stuck as quite a few ideas came to mind. After finally deciding, I dove into my sketch book and laid out ideas. I decided to do a music themed project; let’s face it, music has an impact on us in intellectual, emotional, and social manners. My project is based on the audio components used in listening to music and how they have changed over time. I chose this inspiration since music is an everyday part of my life and has a major impact. I tried to design each piece to correspond with its time frame in history. Also, a main theme I kept on most pieces in my project was using the due date, logos based on Mystery Build, and the theme of competition in some way, shape or form.

I hope you enjoy!