Music in Time

   by Leah Bantum and Katlyn Garcia for Somewhere in Time (2015)

First we flattened out the box that was given. After that then we sanded the side of the box that was designed. after it was all sanded we painted it brown. For the microphone we used a stick and clay then painted it. for the guitar we did the same thing. We used the White pouch to make the Michael Jackson glove. then covered it with glitter. The circle of wood was used to make the record then we used the clear sheet and the white paper to label it. We used the Hardening clay to make the smaller items like the hat , the chain, and the glasses. The block of wood was sawed in half and sanded to make the manikin head and the afro was made from the soft pillow like material. the peace sign was cut and painted. then the. then the lines were added to the box. lastly we glued everything to the box.

I came up with the idea to make the project about music because I grew up surrounded with all types of music so it has always been something that I'm very passionate about. The theme somewhere in time is expressed as music, and how it changes all the time wile at the same time always remaining relevant.

Some figures used in the project is Run DMC, Nicki Minaj, and Micheal Jackson.