Never Give Up

   by Lauren Muskara and Sara Beitelspacher and Lauren Muskara for Somewhere in Time (2015)

1. We constructed the walls of the cave:
-Teared all the paper materials we had into a bowl except for the middle portion of the mystery box itself: paper, cardboard, instruction manual, rules manual, back of canvas
-Mixed ripped pieces of paper with liquid joint compound
-Let the mixture sit
-Molded mixture onto a bowl for shape then let it completely dry
-Played around with the formation of the “walls”
-Used the large rectangular block of wood for support in the cave
-Used the middle portion of the mystery box itself for a foundation
-Covered holes with the foam paper
-Attached cave components using leftover foam paper/liquid joint compound mixture and hot glue
-Used thick foam to divide the inside of the cave
-Used scissors to cut the thick foam into correct shapes
-Used hot glue to attach the thick foam to the cave’s walls/ wooden block
-Used the last bit of teared paper compound to cover the inside of the cave

2. We painted the middle portion of the mystery box with acrylic paint to look like rocky soil

3. We glued the cave walls and the wooden block together and onto the foundation with hot glue

4. We painted the entire unit with:
-Acrylic paint
-Liquid sparkles
-Also covered it in saw dust from step 12

5. We created the water on the left side of the cave:
-Using sand paper, we formed a slant on the smaller circular Styrofoam piece
-Saved excess Styrofoam shreds for step 7
-Modeled blue clay to wrap around the newly shaped Styrofoam
-Painted liquid sparkles onto the clay unit
-Used cotton balls to make a misty cover over the water
-Glued water into the cave with hot glue

6. We created stalagmites and stalactites:
-Used white and brown clay to mold various sizes of coned shaped pieces
-Pressed sanded Styrofoam bits into some clay pieces to create more texture
-Used acrylic paint to make cones look rock like
-Painted liquid sparkles onto the cones to give a glimmering effect
-Cut the gold sheet into small pieces and pushed them into the cone shapes
-Glued the stalagmites and stalactites to the ceiling and floor of the cave on both sides using craft glue

7. We created cave signs:
-Sawed popsicle sticks into pieces
-Painted pieces with acrylic paint to look older
-Sawed 2 long wooden sticks to the height of the cave
-Glued wood pieces to the two sticks
-Glued wooden pieces together to make signs
-Painted with acrylics “Do Not Enter” and “Warning Dead End”
-Glued signs to the wooden pieces connected to the 2 wooden sticks

8. We built tools:
-Sanded down the long wooden sticks to a rounded point and cut them down to size
-Used black clay to make tops of tools: picks, ax, shovel, sledge hammer
-Painted the barrel shaped wood piece to look like old wood
-Made a helmet with the wooden shaped half sphere using black and green clay
-Used the shiny circle to create a light on the helmet

9. We then built a cart:
-Measured and sawed popsicle sticks
-Painted the pieces to resemble older wood
-Used craft glue to combine the pieces into cart form
-Cut metal wire to create axles
-Molded baking clay to make sturdy wheels
-Assembled the wheel components to the cart

10. We created a track for the cart:
-Cut metal wire into two pieces of similar lengths
-Sawed popsicle sticks in half long ways then into 2” in length
-Painted popsicle stick pieces with acrylics to look like older wood
-Hot glued wood pieces to the wire
-Glued track into cave

11. Used weaved cloth as a mat for the tools to lay on:
-Cut the cloth to fit the cave

12. Made coal/rock to put into cart:
-Sawed yellow foam into chunks
-Painted yellow foam with acrylic paint to make it look like coal/rock
-Glued and arranged the yellow foam in the cart

Sometimes dreams appear to be out of reach, but in reality, people need to dig a little deeper to achieve those aspirations. Though they are not far away, people give up before they can attain them; it takes hard work to achieve dreams. We were inspired by the idea of never wanting to give up. We don’t want to have just a wall separating us from our goals. We persevere. We strive to knock down the barriers in life and collect the reward waiting on the other side.

“Somewhere in Time” gave us a way to incorporate the past and the future into one. Our message applies to the future, although the sculpture resembles the past. Somewhere in time, there were men who went looking for gold, wanting to find wealth and fame; however, some didn’t have the strength or motivation to carry on. Luckily, somewhere in time, there will be people who follow through and accomplish their ambitions by never giving up.

We thank the Mystery Build for giving us something to work towards going into our senior year of high school. This was a prime example of how we want to pursue visual arts through college: challenging our minds, deepening our creativity.