Not Forgotten

   by Shaelyn Garland for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used a lot of deconstruction to create certain affects. I used the SoHo painting board as my divider and painted both sides with acrylic paint to create different settings. I used the flat panels of cardboard from the box itself to create a base. I cut the burlap in tiny pieces and used Modge Podge to apply it to the base of the bedroom to create carpeting. I used the mirror board and paint to make the bedroom mirror. The decayed wall is made of of my canvas panel, which was painted and burned. The picture on the wall, and the letters on either side were made from the Shrink Film paper, the were inked to create and aged look. The old woman's head, feet and hands were made of painted Sculpey, and her body frame was the aluminum wire. Her hair was made from the drawstring of the linen bag, which was painted gray. Her nightgown was made from the cloth of the linen bag, sewed with the white thread and glued on the seams. Her bed frame was built from one of the basswood blocks, and a couple of the hardwood strips, which were cut with a saw blade and then attached using wood glue. I then cut a piece of the squishy foam to make a bed, to create the bedspread, I soaked the pamphlet paper in water and blended it in a blender, then it was mixed with a touch of glue and remolded into a blanket shape. I painted it will acrylic paints. The pillows are the linen bag stuffed with cotton balls. On the soldier's side, The crate was made from cardboard and the Popsicle sticks cut into appropriate sizes, glued with Tacky Glue. The smaller crate was make from the small wood cube and Popsicle sticks, and the barrel wood piece was painted red to emulate a gunpowder keg. The trench wall was create from cardboard paper mache, I then crumbled one of the styrofoam discs and modge podged it to the wall, I covered this with a mix of modeling clay and grated Balsa Foam to make mud. The soldier has sculpey head, hands, and feet, a wire frame body, and modeling clay clothes. His pencil is a sliver of Popsicle stick. Popsicle sticks a hardwood strips were broken and wood glued to the back of the trench wall, and slivers were added to the mud to make shrapnel. The metal sphere was covered in clay and added to the wall to emulate a bombshell. The flagpole was a dowel and the flag a piece of paper painted and curled.

I wanted to create a mirrored affect of being stuck in the past and looking forward to the future. The soldier represents hope and determination. He continues to write in the worst of circumstances and looks forward to a brighter future. The old woman exhibits the fallout of hanging on to memories and losing grasp of your life. The room around her decays as she clutches old love letters and imagines what could have been. They both are trapped in a hopeless love story, separated by decades of obstacles. I like the idea of two times and lives happening in conjunction. Both of them are lost Somewhere in Time, and only they can find their way out.