Oasis Station

   by Maria Uribe for Somewhere in Time (2015)

After I read "Somewhere in Time", I started to think of a train station, about it's big old clock that has been there for years, but mainly about the group of strangers that walk together for a moment trying to go somewhere. Strangers carrying big and small problems in their lives, stressed out for many different reasons, I just wanted to freeze a happy moment for them in my project, a moment to relax and enjoy life.

I began working in the little building for my station. I used Elmer's glue, acrylic paint and the Burlap to do the ceiling. I decided to use some white clay to cover the building walls, and painted on top of it a simulation of little stones, I used acrylic paint, fabric paint, silicon, regular glue and wood glue in all my project. I took the Foam pad an cut it as little trees and bushes, the clock was created from one Wood stick, the Thread Bobbin without the thread, I also used the Foam sheet, a little piece of Clay,a little circle of paper, paint, the Wood cube, and some Foam pad.

I wanted to have flower, a lot of flower but since I was working in a very small scale I notice that it was going to be difficult to recreate them. Therefore, I took the biggest Wood block in the materials and with a grater I made some wood dust from it. I painted the dust with green, pink and purple. After the ceiling I still got a small piece of burlap. I took it a part, each thread of it was good to help me do my flowers. I took a thread pass it through glue and after it was all wet I pass it to the wood dust that was already painted. when the thread got dry, I cut it in small pieces, glued it to my garden gates, and I painted little dots on top of them some white, some pink, some blue and purple.

For my big tree I used the Cotton balls, pieces of the Carton box, Wood dust and some Clay. I used the paper mache technique to make the trunk with the carton box pieces, the branches are curved strips of carton too. I glued the cotton that I spread and cut in different pieces on the tip of my branches, then I painted the cotton to simulate flowers but I didn't see what I wanted, therefore, I glued all the branches and cotton. Finally, I sprinkled painted wood dust on top of them, I let it dry and then I did it again.

For my train I cut circles from the Styrofoam discs, glued them in the shape of a cylinder, since they were not the same size I used the brown Clay to make it even. I ripped off the top of my Canvas panel I cut it about the same size of my cylinder, and I glued the panel around the cylinder, I painted it brown. Then, in one end of the cylinder I glued the wood mini bowl to the center of the styrofoam circle, and put some clay around the wood bowl in a convex shape to make the front of my train. The wheels are from the Mysterybuild box and the under part of the train is a rectangular piece of carton from the Canvas panel, two pieces of the Clay carton box and a rectangular piece of the Foam pad. I made the smoke tube on top of the train with the Premo sculpey and the other two little steam domes on top of the cylinder too. The train cab was made out of the Carton box of the modeling Clay and its ceiling is a piece of the Foam sheet.

My railroad is from Wood sticks, Styrofoam dust, Aluminum wire, Thread and paint. The garden gates, benches, fence, station door and car with the flowers are from the wood sticks. The floor of the whole project is from the Mystery build carton box, Clay, a Wood block, Balsa foam block (stairs) paint and wood dust. The balloons are from Clay, the Shrink film sheet and I painted them. The tricycle is from Paper, Foam sheet circles and circles from a piece of the top of the Canvas panel. The flower bouquets, their basket, and the little window on the train station are from the top of Soho painting board, the little flowers on the bouquets are paper mache. The fruit pieces on the little wood car were made from the Premo sculpey and all my train station people too. The big oasis sign is a piece of the Foam sheet and a piece of Cardboard from the canvas panel. The jar from my oasis sign is the Wood egg, Clay and paint, the flower pot from the Wood barrel, the little fountain is from the Wood beehive and Wood half ball. The top of lamppost was made from the Premo sculpey and a Wood stick for the bottom, its little sign is a piece of a cardboard from the Canvas panel hanging with two pieces of Thread.