Portal through time.

   by Evan Prekker for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Recommended that you watch before you read, Thank you.

I started by unfolding the MysteryBuild box completely, and cutting it in half down the center fold. I took one side for the floor base of the forest section, and the other for various other components. I glued some cardboard side panels, the large Styrofoam circle, The yellow sand block, and foam shavings to the bottom sides of the base to make the hills the trees sit on. I cut the small foam mattress into thirds and shaped them into 3 large panels that fit across the hills to make the ground; they were then painted various shades of green and fit snuggly around the areas where the trees will be glued. I painted forest trees on the SOHO Art board, and a large section of the second half of the MysteryBuild Box; Where they were then glued onto the sides of the forest scene, behind the trees. I then took strands of the burlap fabric, unwound them, shaped them into bushes, painted them green, and glued them down in between the trees. (Other various small patches of grass were made the same way, without being rolled up)

I rolled up some more of the cardboard side panels to make the trunks of the larger trees, and dowels for the smaller ones; I then glued various shards of popsicle sticks to make the branches. The trunks were then covered in blue and black sculpey clay, textured like bark, and painted a dark brown (along with the branches).

I cut out the main circle of the clock out of the large wood disc. The golden plastic piece was cut in half lengthwise and glued around the clock to make the frame. I painted on the numbers and roman numerals. (symbolizing a change in time) and various aged stains. The plastic sheet was cut into broken glass and glued onto the inside of the golden rim. The arrow was cut out of the cardboard from the polymer clay box, and painted with black paint.

As you can probably see in my picture, the ocean is a huge mess of items. I lost the second half of the box, and totally forgot I had it. I ended up using and axe to cut all the pieces of wood into numerous pieces, which I then glued to the rest of the large wooden circle. I also used the some of the dowels and popsicle sticks to create more of the platform the clay would sit on. I sculpted the ocean with the white, blue, and green clay. I then painted several layers of ocean colors.

The girl is made of the black polymer clay, with the fabric bag clothing, and burlap hair.

Unfolded cotton ball glued to some pieces of the clear plastic.

I came up with the idea "what if you could travel through time? Does that necessarily mean it would all be on the same level? What if you jumped through a portal and gravity changed directions?" So I ran with that idea. I wanted to be a girl in a forest looking through the large broken clock doorway portal, and seeing a boy in a boat, floating in the ocean, but 90 degrees in a different angle. To kind of mess with the mind a bit. But when filming started it looked very cluttered. So I ended up taking out the boy with the boat. Now the girl Is adventuring by herself.

I unfortunately had some music picked out that went great with the video. But I couldn't find it on the sites I was suggested to upload too. Thank you for taking your time to watch and read :)