Reach for the Stars

   by Naomi Benham for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The base was made from the large hardwood disk, and the foam block was carved and glued onto it. The burlap was then cut and glued on top of that to form the terrain. The border of the terrain was created with the foam sheet. The smallest building was formed from the balsa-foam block, which was cut, with pieces of a plywood dowel supporting the roof made of popsicle sticks glued together, and the cloth bag was cut, drawn on with sharpie, and glued to shape the walls. The second building was painted, and the antenna was formed with the wire. The power line was made from two different dowels, some wire, and some thread. The skyscraper was simply painted, and the astronaut's stand was formed from various pieces of dowels, leftover balsa-foam and popsicle sticks. The sun/moon was created from the larger styrofoam disk, with layered illustrations drawn on the paper with marker, lined with the foam sheet, and glued on a rounded dowel. The figures were created from the plastic sheet, where they were first sketched on paper, traced with a sharpie, and on the opposite side, painted in full color. The trees in the background of the sunny side were created from the foam sheet, and the mountains in the background were created from the paper. Unless otherwise mentioned, all paint used was acrylic, and all used glue was hot glue.

The scene was created to represent the evolution of mankind, and our growing efforts to reach the stars. It begins with the first life in the ocean, and follows many stages of evolution, leading up to the astronaut, reaching for the stars.

This project gave me the opportunity to combine many forms of art, including my main passion, drawing, and building, which is an area I have less experience in.