by Sydney Saunders for Somewhere in Time (2015)

First, I cut the phywood disc in half using a saw. I later sanded and painted it black. Next, I used all the EZ Shale modeling clay to make half a brain. I created this by adding layer by layer of unique shapes. I cut the small styrofoam disc in two pieces. I placed those two pieces, as well as the other styrofoam disc, inside the cloth bag to add dimension. The cloth bag I then painted. I painted the large basswood block two different clothes to resemble a battery. I painted the wood beehive and thread bobbin then glued it to the battery to make it more realistic. I glued the wood egg, wood mini barrel, and mini clothespin together and painted it silver to create a futuristic looking finger. I painted the wood half ball, wood mini bowl, and steel ball to create eyes. I used the wood ring to make eyelashes for the steel ball. After, I cut the edges off the box in which the objects were sent. I folded the main frame to add two levels. I glued the scraps to the box to cover the holes. I painted the whole base silver for a futuristic look. I painted the burlap black and painted the brain silver. Lastly, I placed the finger near the outside of the cloth bag on level two. I put cloth bag on part of the burlap and the eyes fully on the burlap. I glued the carboard mirror to level one with the battery on top of it. I put the half of a brain on the opposite side of the battery with the half circle underneath it. I bent the aluminum wire to connect the battery and the brain for a "Recharge."

My inspiration for this project came from my childhood television shows. They seems to all make the future chrome, silver, and gold colors. I took this with my knowledge of new medical technologies to make the "Recharge." My project applies to Somewhere in Time by being the future. The future is a place in time that may not be as far away as we believe.

I appreciate the opportunity for me as well as others to create and express art in such a unique way. Thank you!