Roaring 20's

   by Sadie Numata and Cassandra Workman, Mason Jones for Somewhere in Time (2015)

In order to build our project we used the structure of the box as a foundation for our building. We used saws. a dremmel tool, an exacto knife and box cutters to shape the main features of our project. We used popsicle sticks to create wood flooring, a wooden block to create our alcohol rack, soft foam and the paper provided to create our island for the bar and the cloth bag for our curtains. We also used the burlap material to create runners for our tables and the clay to construct two people (Louis Armstrong and the bartender) and the little decorations. Lastly, we put the finishing touches on our project with paint.

The inspiration for our project was our belief that the 1920's was an era of progression with a touch of rebellion. We wanted to combine two of the most important representations of the rime period,which was the speakeasy and the cinema.

On the outside of the building ( the cinema) we decided to incorporate a gray scale paint scheme to emphasize the speakeasy (in color) on the inside of the building. We wanted to give the speakeasy a lively vibe since it was very rebellious while the cinema was more traditional.