Rock the World

   by Cassandra Leon and Lexi Lavander for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We used the box the materials came in for the base of the record player. We painted that brown to create a wooden effect. We used the wooden circle for the record, and painted that like the world. The wooden rectangular stick was used for the tone arm, with the black clay at the base. We painted that black. We used the white clay to shape the logos, then painted the respective colors on them. The blank piece of paper was used to print out more logos that were glues to the side of the box. We used the reflective circle in the middle of the record, then covered it in metallic paint. In order to make the record spin, I glues on end of the string provided to a round wooden stick. I also glues the metal ball to the end of the stick. I glued the wood ring to the bottom of the box. I drilled a hole in the box right above the ring. The stick with the metal ball went inside the ring and stuck out the top of the box. I wound the sting around the stick, and glued the "record" to the stick. One end of the string came out of a hole in the side of the box, and when you pull it, the record spins. We applied a final layer of glue to the entire thing to give it a shiny, finished look. The buttons were made out of the sculpy, then painted with colorful paint. The speaker is the net painted black with 2 layers of foam pad beneath it. In order to cover the cracks in the box, I took to brown clay and smashed it into all the cracks and around the speaker.

Our inspiration was music from the 60's, mainly psychedelic rock. The record was the world because the music from that time period changed the world and traveled around it. This music has stayed popular in people's lives, and they were so popular that many people have heard about these bands who weren't born in the 60's. The music changed the world and was a important moment in the music time period.

We had to keep the project at our school for the time being in order to get credit. The location of where we took the pictures was at school because of this. It is shown in a display case in some pictures.