Saving Time

   by Nichelle Crocker for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Saving Time

I knew that I was going to need as much cardboard and paper as possible, so the first thing I did was strip the layer of paper from the cardboard box. I also separated the canvas from the cardboard backing and split that in half. Next, I cut the wood blocks and aluminum bar into pieces.

BASE: This is made from the bottom of the box and the large plywood disc with strips of the EZ Shape box for support. Pieces of the cardboard mirror and gold spray painted instructions are also used to channel the light.

COBBLESONE ROAD: A piece of the instructions is used as the backing. The EZ Shape clay was rolled into a flat sheet and I pressed strands of burlap into the clay to look like mortar between cobblestones. I used a lighter to burn off the frayed burlap edges first. It looked too clean and shiny, so I applied some sawdust from the wood blocks with a soft brush.

BANK: This is made with pieces from the cardboard box and backing from the canvas to form the front and sides. The roof is made using the Soho painting board cut to size. The back is the shrink film instructions painted gold. A craft stick holds on the door and pieces of the foam pad were added for stability.

- The pillars are made with corrugated cardboard wrapped around a hardwood strip.
- Foam pieces are used as decorative corner bricks
- The window is un-baked shrink film with a foam sheet and hardwood strip window frame
- The door is part of the aluminum bar. I used a dremel to create a reflective pattern and added foam pieces cut into a sunburst shape.
- The banners are painted canvas
- The copper sun in the window is made from the wood half circle and mini clothes pin.
- The First National Daylight Savings Bank sign is carved Balsa Foam
- The structure of the dome is the two Styrofoam discs with pieces of the foam pad to round out the shape. Over the top I formed the dome with strips of the cardboard paper peeled from the box cut into pieces and joined with single strips of corrugated cardboard. The rubber band forms a decorative band above a corrugated cardboard trim. I used an oxidizing copper paint.
- The flag pole is made from a piece of the small dowel and the flag is shrink film cut to the shape of the EZ Shape box window.
- The sidewalk is made from pieces of the foam sheet.

ATM: The ATM is made using craft sticks, a small piece of the wood bock (inside), friendly plastic (screen, tough pad, sun logo), clay to hold things in place (inside), a piece of the Soho painting board, and paper. I used some vegetable oil on the paper to make it more translucent and cut a hole in the side of the bank to let the light through. I added a piece of the cardboard mirror to the inside of the bank to direct the light to the ATM sign. I painted glow stick fluid onto the screen.

TRAFFIC LIGHT: The pole is most of the large dowel, the wood bowl and half of the wood beehive form the light, and an aluminum wire join them together. I cut a notch in the top of the bowl to glue the wire in place and drilled a hole into the dowel for the other end of the wire. I added a piece of Premo! around the wire. I painted the beehive with liquid from a glow stick to make it look like the light is shining.

PARKING METER: For the parking meter I cut a piece from the large dowel and added the wood egg, shrink film for the glass, and Premo! to join them together.

TRUCK: This is where I used my cut wood blocks. I glued them into a box, using pieces of the hardwood strips to hold them together. I added cardboard to the front of the box, added a paper liner, and used a piece of the EZ Shape box to add stability to the cut blocks on the bottom. The ramp is a piece of the aluminum bar decorated with pencil lines. The bobbin was cut in half with a dremel and fit perfectly as wheels inside of the wood ring which I used to form tires. I added Premo! to make it look more like rubber. Corrugated cardboard strips form the trim and a piece of stripped cardboard is the roll-up door. A piece of friendly plastic was used for the door. The front bumper is a craft stick that was boiled for an hour until it was soft and then wrapped around a wood block until it dried in a curved shape. The tail pipe is made from the small dowel with cotton ball “smoke” supported by a piece of shrink film.

DOLLY: I was torn between the “Salvador Dolly Co.” and the “Hello Dolly Co.” but it is an art contest, after all. This was one of my favorite pieces to make. I drilled holes into a piece of the aluminum bar and ran the wire through the holes. Then I added the cross piece made of Friendly Plastic and Sculpey Premo! wheels. I “distressed” the paint job, which is just a fancy way of saying that I hit it with some stuff, mostly a butter knife.

GRANNY: Her head and body are made of Sculpey Premo! I used aluminum wire in the body to create her arms and hold the head in place. Part of the drawstring bag became her drawstring hoodie, part is her skirt, and both are sewn with the thread. I glued and styled some of a cotton ball for her hair. The glasses are shrink film glued to a strand of painted burlap.

DELIVERY DRIVER: Ray the delivery guy is made from Sculpey Premo! and aluminum wire, clothes cut from the cloth bag, sewn with the thread, and stuffed with cotton balls. His name tag and buttons are Sculpey Premo! and the shoelaces are made of thread.

SECURITY CAMERA: I super glued the steel ball to the aluminum wire and covered it with Sculpey Premo!

BOXES: The first wood box is made with the wood cube covered with cardboard paper stripped from the box. The other boxes were cut to the same size. The brightest one in the front is lined with Friendly Plastic. The open box farther back is lined with a piece of the gold spray painted instruction sheet. The sun image on the boxes was made with a homemade rubber stamp using the wood barrel, a piece of the SOHO painting board, and cut foam.

GARBAGE: I wanted to add to the street scene atmosphere, so I created the garbage pile. The wood pallet is made entirely from craft sticks which I soaked in water until they were soft enough to cut with scissors which I then glued together. The garbage can and lid were made from pieces of the cardboard box. The contents are leftover scraps of wood, paper, and plastic. The plastic bag came from the EZ Shape clay wrappers and is filled with scraps from some of my leftover materials.

FENCE: For the fence, I used aluminum wire and thread. I tied knots around pieces of thread and cut off the ends to create the barbed wire effect.

LIGHTING: In order to follow the rules stating that the light can’t be housed inside of what I built, I decided that my project would sit on top of a box with holes cut in the top. I cut corresponding holes in the bottom of my project. I positioned four flashlights under the holes shining up. I directed the light using pieces of the cardboard mirror under the ATM and the box closest to the front and used gold spray painted shrink film instructions for the rest of the lit areas. The other lighting element I used was the liquid from inside of some glow sticks that were painted on the street lamp and the ATM screen.

There’s never enough time and we seem to run out of it when we need it the most. I was thinking about this problem when I was deciding how to use the theme “Somewhere In Time.” I realized that we already have the solution – Daylight Savings Time!

We must simply save our extra time, put it somewhere for safe keeping, and retrieve it when it’s needed.

My “Somewhere In Time” is an imaginary place where that saved time is kept – The First National Daylight Savings Bank. A delivery of daylight has just arrived in the truck, but an accident has occurred. The delivery driver is falling back while the boxes spill off of the dolly and break open on the ground, letting out precious daylight.