Soiled Dove

   by Alysia Radtke for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The steps below are in the order that I used to create my sculpture. first I chose the plywood disk and a piece of cut basswood block for the base of my project. I built the bones of the body using aluminum wire, wood craft sticks and one piece of basswood block cut into a head, hip and chest area and glued them together to form the bones of the model. Than the foam pad was used as a filler for the hips, legs and arms so not to much clay would be needed. The foam was all tied on with the thread from the bobbin. I than used the white EZ shape molding clay to mold her face and the chest area, after I got the desired look of the face and chest I than painted the skin and the face details.
For the petticoat using the cloth bag, I cut the bags trim off, cut a slit in half of the bag and cut out a hole for the neck and arms, Than stitched the edges up with the thread from the bobbin. I also started on the hair using the burlap and than dyed it brown and orange with fabric diye. While the burlap fabric was wet I wrapped it tightly around the aluminum wire to create curly hair. I Let the burlap dry than it was removed from the wire, it was ready to be placed on the head. At this point I only put part of the hair on because I was afraid the curles might come out.
I used the one piece of white paper to make paper pulp to try to make the sleeves of the dress and the corset but this did not go so well. So I recycled it and made new pulp out of that same piece of paper and added the brown paper from the box that the mystery buld kit was in. To do this I used a little water and a blender and used a piece of screen and some Victorian lace on a picture frame, blended it in the blender and than squeezed all the water out that I could than let the new paper dry. The paper that I got out of that I had painted red and white pieces for her skirt and sleeves. After the paint dried I painted the detailed flowers on the skirt and sleeves. To attach the skirt I gathered the pieces of paper on the thread and wrapped it around her waist and tied it off also a little glue was used to hold the skirt place. Than finished her hair by adding more colored burlap to her head.
I than used the EZ shape molding clay to mold her legs and than painted the fleshy part of her legs to achieve the color I desired. I used the premo clay to form the boots, used a pasta roller to make the flat sheets of clay and then pressed them into position to form boots. for the stockings, to get the texture I used plastic lace and put the flat sheets of clay and lace through the Posta roller at the same time. The promo clay for the boots was not baked it was used because of the shiny black color it had so it already looked like leather when rolled out with the posta roller. The details on the boots were than added with a little craft paint also some left over string was used to make the shoe laces.
I used the creative mark canvas panel to make her corset. I cut the fabric off the canvas board and simply glued it to the chest area. I than used the leftover thread from the spool and tatted a piece of lace for the corset and a piece of lace flower for her hair. tatting is a form of lace making using a tool called a shuttle. The arms and hands were molded from the EZ shape modeling clay and than painted. Also the red sleeves were added at this time. Some of the details also such as the collar of her petticoat was made from cotton balls that I rolled in my fingers to create tiny cotton balls and than attached them into place with some glue. Using the string from the cloth bag for a tie around the dress to hold the petticoat in place. And also added the tatted lace. And for the shawl around her arms I used two of the plastic wrappers from the EZ shape modeling clay, washed if off and than painted a chroche pattern onto the plastic and than wrapped it around her arms for a shawl. I made the beads from the friendly moldable metallic plastic. The plastic was cut up into small squares placed in a microwave to worm up so it can be worked. Than used my fingers to mold into small round beads. Used some of the left over thread to string the round balls onto a thread with a hot needle using a candle to heat the needle. To finish up The scuplture I painted the round plywood disk green and used some leftover burlap and balsa foam block That was made into lumps of grass.

When I think of the theme somewhere in time I think of the past history or of the future.
American western history fascinates me so the idea of making something from history seemed like the best idea. I chose a Soiled Dove because she was from a time when our great country was just beginning. And it seems like such a gray area of our American history. A Soiled dove is a prostitute from the 1800 usually from the American west. Just like the men who came out west for the gold rush the woman came for the same idea to get rich quick and for a better life. But when they got to there destination living was difficult and there was not much work for a woman. So the woman had only had a few options either get married, become a house made or go to work as a prostate. These woman who were greatly out numbed by men often tamed and civilized frontier. Often time they did not just accompany men in the night time they would also help take care of lonely and sick men and show compassion when needed. They are the true settlers of the west.