Somewhere Else...

   by Kathy Steere for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Somewhere Else in time lives my clone who does household chores and yardwork so I can make art. (modeling clay broom)

Somewhere Else in time lives another clone who does building maintenance and repairs so I can make art. (both styrofoam discs, backing paper, canvas panel, plywood disc, cardboard mirror all stacked on Mystery Build box to make the clock)

Somewhere Else in time lives yet another clone who nurtures out of state loved ones so I can be home and make art. (modeling clay airplane on top of wood mini bowl)

Somewhere Else in time, time makes sense and there is plenty of it. (aluminum wire with modeling clay pointers for crazy clock hands)

But, if I were Somewhere Else in time, I'd want to be right here, dancing at all the weddings and yes, making art! (modeling clay music notes and wedding bells, modeling clay feathers and foods for my solo show last summer)

Truth? Somewhere Else in time, I would've come up with a really good idea for the theme but had to settle for the impending deadline and the fact I didn't want to totally waste the price of the kit!
This project sums up the past year of my life. Cheers!

I am looking forward to seeing how others interpreted the theme this year.