Somewhere in Time - The End of Time As We Know It

   by Pat Johnson and Dr. Doug Ferguson, Joan Ferguson, Scott Fraser, Paul McCay for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Here are the details of making my project:
Platform: made from the bottom of the mystery build box; painted first with gold finger-nail polish so it wouldn’t bubble and then with gold metallic paint. (See Picture 01)

Tables: I cut balsa wood into two pieces, painted them with brown acrylic paint and added legs and the strips under the table from the small hardwood strips. (See pictures 02, 03)

Angels: The face and upper body were printed on the bottom half of the paper provided in the kit. I took a picture, with my phone, of a Christmas angel bell I had, e-mailed it to myself, down-loaded and printed it.
I then cut the wings off of the photo, scanned them, enlarged them to 3 times the size, traced them on the shrink film sheet, and shrunk them. Their skirts were made from the cloth bag sewed together with a big-eyed needle and some of the bobbin thread and tied and hot-glued to half of the round dowel (for each angel) on top of the wooden half ball and the wooden mini bowl. The body and wings were then glued to the round dowel. (See Pictures 04. 05, 06)

Books: Backs were made from scraps of the canvas layer of the Mark canvas board and the pages from scraps of foam, greyed on the edges lightly with a black Sharpie. The pages were tied to the backs with short pieces of the bobbin thread. (See Picture 06)

Chair: I cut the largest wooden block into 4 parts, one under the seat, one standing for each arm, and one cut again to make each arm higher. I glued them all together with super-glue and covered foam sheet over all. I made the back and seat from the foam pad. The lamb’s head was made from white clay, the lion’s head from brown clay, and both were covered with Elmer’s glue and painted with acrylic paint with black Sharpie details. The ‘King of kings’ and ‘Lamb of God’ words were engraved on part of the gold metallic strip pieces and glued to the chair with super glue. Under the chair I used a large piece of the burlap for a rug. (See Pictures 07, 08, 09, 10)

Commandment stones: I cut the Solo painting board into thirds and the fourth stone the same size from the Mark canvas board. (I had taken off the canvas for the book backs). Then I sprayed the four pieces with grey textured paint, hot-glued them together with a strip from the box top and added the Roman numbers and words with a black Sharpie pen. (See Pictures 11, 12)

Emerald rainbow: (Revelation 4:3) I used half of the wooden plywood disc, painted with emerald metallic paint, and made the lines with the black marker. The clouds were made with part of the cotton. Holders for the rainbow were made from two craft sticks which were stuck into pockets made from shrink plastic scraps and super-glued to the backs of the tablets. (See Picture 15)

King Jesus: I found a kid’s figurine that looked good, cut off the red outer robe because I needed Him seated, painted the robe beneath white, took a picture with my phone, e-mailed it to myself, downloaded and printed on the top half of the paper the angels were printed on, cut out the picture and bent to be seated; I made the gold crown and gold sash from the friendly moldable plastic strip cut with scissors (hard) and glued with super glue. The feet were painted copper color to look like brass (Revelation 1:15). His hair was painted white and covered with small pieces of cotton to look more 3-D and like hair. (Revelation 1:14) (See Pictures 13, 14, 15)

Sea of glass: (Revelation 4: 6) This was made from the other half pf the plywood disc, painted with dark blue and aqua Pebeo fantasy moon paint and surrounded with pieces of burlap painted green to represent grass. (See Picture 15)

Round platform for Man: made from the two round Styrofoam discs and painted white. (See Picture 15)

Two side pictures: I took pictures of neighborhood scenes and printed them on the back of the shrink plastic directions, thickened them with cardboard from the top of the box, and steadied them with two small strips of box-top cardboard. (See Picture 16)

Picket fence on the right: It was made from craft sticks and white acrylic paint and was held up with small pieces of white clay. The welcome sign was made from scrap cardboard and half of a craft stick. (See Picture 16)

Steel-looking fence: This was made from the aluminum wire straightened by rolling the aluminum bar over it (I really had to work on how to straighten the aluminum wire. Thanks for the aluminum bar.) The fence was also held up with tiny pieces of white clay. (See Picture 16)

The man: His body and hair were made from black and blue clay, covered with Elmer’s glue, dried and painted with acrylic paint. His face and arms were made from white clay, covered with glue and painted flesh color with black Sharpie details. Pieces of aluminum wire were used inside the clay pieces for support. (See Picture 16)

I started the fire clip in my black electric skillet at the bottom of my basement stairs for darkness. I used very small pieces of left-over cardboard to start the fire. This did not get big enough flames to use but did give me some ashes. I then added pieces of plastic, wooden pieces from the dowels and some sawdust from the blocks (see pictures) to make a bigger blaze. I used the ashes for the left path and some sawdust (from cutting the blocks) for the right path. I cropped the video down to the fire and stretched it with Power Point’s video tools to fit the lake picture which had a small amount of sunrise on it. (See Pictures 17, 18, 19, 20)

My name is Pat Johnson. I am an 80, soon to be 81 on November 1, retired school teacher for 42 years in the state of Georgia. I taught elementary gifted students for 35 of those years and we had lots of fun with projects that were products of our academic unit studies. I wish you guys had been around then. I would certainly have used your contest and materials with my students.

The reason I entered this contest is because I believe Jesus is coming back soon, and it will then be too late for many people in the United States to accept Him. “What does it matter if one gains the whole world and loses his soul?” Anyone who reads this or sees my video, please think about this. (Revelation 20: 11-15)
I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project. Thank you for the many fun hours I had working on it. I thought a religious theme would be appropriate for me, because it comes from my heart.

The audio speaking-clip was copied from a CD made of sermons my pastor, Dr. Doug Ferguson, preached on two Sundays and that we sent out to our community the week before Easter last year.
I obtained his written permission to use the audio clip for my project. (See Picture 21)

The final hymn is in the public domain and has no copyright. It is sung by my pastor’s wife, Joan Ferguson, and was recorded at my church with the help of our worship leader, Scott Fraser, and media specialist, Paul McCay. I obtained Joan’s permission to use the hymn recording.