Somewhere in Time and relative dimensions in space Machine

   by Nathan Christopher and Nathan Christopher for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I made the basic structure and gear mechanism out of the wood blocks and other pieces, subdividing them with a lot of sawing and grinding out the gear teeth using a rotary tool. I created paper templates for my gears using a program I found for free on line and I designed patterns for the walls and other geometrical structures using a graphic program. The architectural elements were made from the kit box with some details carved from the balsa foam. the characters were made from aluminum wire and sculpey with some clothing made from the small cloth bag stitched with the thread provided. Everything was painted with acrylic paints and glued together using an assortment of adhesives.

I was inspired by my favorite science fiction television program, Doctor Who. The show which chronicles the adventures of an eccentric time traveler was obvious thematically, but it was also the creative spirit of the original classic series, which made the most out of limited resources that made me think of it for Mystery Build contest. I used to watch it in reruns on public television as a kid, and back then they didn't have the budget or technology that the current version of the show has nowadays. Using only good stories and good actors, cardboard spaceships and bubble wrap aliens the creators of the classic show transported me and thousands of other fans to the most fantastic times and spaces.