Space is Timeless

   by Anne Weaver and Olivia Weaver, Tony Weaver for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We built a diorama using the box that the kit came in. We painted the wood circle to be Jupiter. We covered a styrofoam disc with fabric from the muslin bag and painted it to be Uranus. We curved the edges of the disc before covering it. We created Saturn from the wood ring and the metal ball. We hung it from string that we tied around its ring. We sponge painted the background with blue, purple, and black to look like space, then used the silver disc to create stars.

When you look into space, you are seeing into the past. What you see are stars whose light left from them thousands of years ago and their light is just now reaching earth. That is how space is everywhere in time.

The bulk of the work for our project was done by my daughter, Olivia, age 11. Her father and I helped create the structure of the diorama and the Styrofoam form she used for Uranus. She designed the diorama and did all of the painting and helped assemble the pieces.