by Jasmine/ Noah Jimenez/ Poole and Noah Poole/ Jasmine Jimenez for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Built the TARDIS walls out of cut pieces of wood blocks. For texture we used pop sickle sticks. The roof of the TARDIS was made out of more cut pieces of wood and topped with the mini wooden barrel. Background was painted black with a nebula and sprinkled with shaving of the aluminum bar. The turn table was created by using the plywood disc as the table itself for the TARDIS to rest on. underneath the disc is the clear sheet of plastic to reduce the friction. Underneath the box a wooden dowel is connecting the turn table to a styrofoam disc that we made into a wench gear. We wrapped the thread around the wench gear, so when pulled it cause the turn table to turn. To help with spinning process we glued the steel ball on the bottom of the wench gear.

The TARDIS is a time machine and a space ship so it can travel anywhere in time or space. And we chose it hoping it would not be a common choice from other contestants