The British Tea Party

   by Britney Vuong Matthew Chun and Britney Vuong and Matthew Chun for Somewhere in Time (2015)

In our project, we made...
~The base: The base is what appears to be a desk, which was made out of the mystery build box itself. Not leaving the bottom closed, one side of the box was cut off. After the box was cut, it was painted in a darkish brown color from a mixture of yellow, red, and black paint. For the back side some extra cardboard was measured, cut, and used. It was painted with red paint and lines were measured and drawn on with a ball point ink pen, then shaded on the lines with black color pencil. The fence was made by the popsicle sticks, which were cut in half and painted with white paint. For the horizontal lines on the fence, the sewing string was wrapped around the box for about 20 times for each. To keep it up, it was hot glued in one area towards the back side. The grass was made up of the green clay, which were made into small balls, hot glued to the bottom part and was textured by poking it with some sort of stick tool. On top of the box and underneath the other items is the rugged string item provided to create a covered desk. The extra trinkets displayed were just raw materials provided with some cotton and sprinkles of shavings of a yellowish and orange material to show dust.
~The clock: The clock was based on an old clock found around the 1920s, and was made out of the remaining cardboard of the mystery build box. It was measured and glued together with hot glue to form it's box, shape leaving the back side exposed. A hole was measured and cut in the area we wanted the clock to be. The clock itself was painted in a darkish red color from a mixture of red and black paint. For the actual clock, the smallest styrofoam was used and painted with the darkish red and white color on opposing sides. It was glued and the middle piece was a piece found in the kit that was glued to the middle of the clock. For the clock handles, a stick that was provided was measured and cut to be glued to the middle piece. The rim around the clock was made from a piece of paper that had the shiny side to it, was measured, cut, and watercolor markers were used for the design. The button on the side were just small wood trinkets from the materials. On top, the handle was also already from the materials, but glued together with a half popsicle stick and regular stick for both sides. The back side was drawn with pencil to resemble the city on the paper provided and was cut to fit the box, with the clear sheet cut down to cover that drawing.
~The picture frame: One of the paint canvases was used to be painted on by using watercolor markers. The back and sides were then covered with the green modeling clay provided and was smoothed out. For the inner frame, 2 different sticks were cut, used, and glued. For it to stand, a piece of cardboard was cut, used, and glued.
~The teacup and note: The teacup was made by the soft and foamy paper material that was cut into squarish forms. These squarish forms were put together through layering in a circle form and glued together. The top was also squares that were glued in a different direction to make the rim look the way it looks. Under the rim some yarn-like string provided was used to make the bow. The handle was made from the same foamy material and glued in the form of what a handle would look like. The design was made but making four or five small dots in a circle to form a small flower, and was repeated in different areas to produce some sort of pattern. Styrofoam was used on the bottom, some cotton balls provided were used as a filler, and shavings of a yellow material provided was used to cover the cotton balls to resemble some sort of tea/drink. The tea bag was made out of a small part of the bag provided that was measured, cut, and glued with one side containing a piece of string and small portions of green clay inside. The coster was made from the cardboard circle from the clock and was painted in a mixture of blue and white paint with a design drawn with white color pencil. The note was plainly made from the paper provided, cut, folded, and written on with a ball point ink pen to put in written information of the location our project is suppose to display.
~The Branches and circle part: The branch was made by using the metal wire provided, which was measured, cut, shaped and glued to the box and the circle wooden plate. On one side of the wooden plate, the black clay was used to cover the metal and to produce the look of a mountain by applying the clay as chucks pressed down against each other to created the lumpy look. On the black clay some styrofoam was added to show signs of snow. The sky and sun were painted with paint strokes and dabs using water to blend a little of the sky together. Blue, white, and yellow paint was used for that. On the other side, the picture was first drawn with pencil and was then colored with colored pencils. Some parts were outlined with an ink pen and the rest were not. Colors of red, black, tan, brown, and blue were used for the sky and house roof with some shading to improve the look. The clouds were made from the bigger foam piece and cut in a way where it would show lumps of a cloud, which were glued down in a respectable area. The branches on the side that were made of wire was covered with brown clay that were made lumpy. After the clay was on, the same technique that were used on the grass was used on the branches to produce more of a bark look and texture. Flowers and leaves made by some of the foam-like paper was drawn on with pencil, then pen, colored with watercolor pens, cut, and glued on the branch in certain areas.

Our inspiration for our project was the theme, our ideas, and a happy atmosphere. Like everyone else, we both had our own creative ideas, different thoughts, and images that flashed in our minds once we heard the theme. My partner and I had different and similar ideas that we collaborated on to come up with our resulting product. To fit the theme of somewhere in time, we decided to display a simple, soothing, above average household sometime during the 1920s where people's lives were better after World War 1 ended. This was to appeal to the bigger picture of a happier time in life and the world where problems weren't at it's highest. To be more specific though, we decided to choose one area as to where our project was going to take place, which we chose the location to be London, England. From there, we tried to emphasize more on the look of a British household during the 1920s.

We wanted to say that it was such an awesome experience to create our own creative artwork from different materials that we didn't even know!! It was great to see our own work as well as those around us come to life that first started in our minds. We want to give thanks to the mystery build company for all your work in thinking up the theme and materials we had to use, as well as everything else in the process!! It was so great to be apart of this and to see all the creativity from people everywhere!! Thank You everyone who views our project!! It's amazing to know we all worked hard on our own projects!! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!! *\(^~^)/*