The Nature of Time

   by Destiny Schwartz for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The ocean scene includes foam pad starfish, cardboard barnacles, and Premo muscles. I took them down to my local beach and stuck them on a rock using Ez shape modeling clay (which I thoroughly removed when I was finished).
The first snail scene has 3 kinds of mushrooms, made of the instruction brochure, clay, cotton balls, and styrofoam disks.
The egret is made with aluminum wire, styrofoam discs, and cotton balls. It's fish are cardboard mirror w/string and craft sticks.
The second snail scene has mushrooms made with instruction brochure, clay, and melted shrink film.
The lizard was built with clay and a steel ball for his eyes, and cardboard mirror for the butterflies.
The last snail scene has turkey tail mushrooms made of foam sheet. The snail was made with a wood ring and half ball with Friendly Plastic formed over top, aluminum and Premo for the body, and shrink film for eyes.
The clock is made using many of the pieces I just listed, plus a cardboard wall with clay and a stamped design made from the balsa foam block. The floor is the canvas bag. Picture frames are Friendly Plastic, hanging chimes are hammered aluminum wire (a failed attempt at swimming fish) , and clock glass is uncooked shrink film.

I didn't want to take the theme too literally, so I started off just wanting to do installations in nature and figured everything takes place somewhere in time... Then of course I ended up making everything into a grandfather clock-- so much for not being literal.