The Time Portal

   by Linda Mori and Evan Mori, Dennis Mori for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The bed was made using the wood block, sawed into posts along with the popsicle sticks, cut and sanded, then laid out and glued. Two sticks were also used for the desk with the gold plastic cut to size, sanded for a more natural look and glued on top. Desk accessories were made from cut pieces of the clay box, MB box, foam, and shrink dinks. Calendar included MB deadline and titles added to the books using markers. The chair is made from 3 cut pieces of the wire, shaped with pliers and covered with clay. The rug for the trap door is made from a piece of the clay box, with burlap molded over it and glued in place.
The mattress was made from the thick foam, cut to size. Part of the cloth bag was cut, wrapped around the mattress and glued in place for the sheet and pillow. The vintage airplanes were done in marker, with a cotton ball stretched and placed inside the pillowcase. The blanket was made by painting the white foam, reminiscent of a Buzz Lightyear space motif. It was also cut to size and hot glued in places to the mattress and along the fold line revealing the underlying sheet.

The wall and floor was made from the MB box cover, with cut outs in several places for the trap door and window opening. The window was made using the square wood strips, cut and glued, with a piece of Shrinky Dink for the pane, then glued to a folded edge of the window cutout.
The bedroom wall opening was accented with a cutout of the mirror, glued in place. The wall mural in the lab was drawn with markers with some elements representing body organs. Upon entering the lab, there are small scientific artifacts along the floor made from molded clay and painted small wooden shapes. The zip-line is made from a dowel and the thread, both cut and glued in place. The handle is made from a piece of the aluminum wire.

The floor of the lab is made from cut pieces of the MB box, the aluminum strip, and the wooden flat circle which was whitewashed and accented with a danger strip using markers. The steps leading to the time portal are made from cut Styrofoam which has been painted and glued together. The portal itself is a cut piece of the thick wood dowel with a small hole drilled at the top for the wire portal. The wire has been cut and acts as the electric cord from the portal to the control panel.
The control panel is made from cut pieces of the MB box, white foam pieces, and Shrinky Dinks, glued together. The metal ball has been inserted into a partial hole cut into the box. The garbage can is made from a cut piece of the outer layer of the MB box, and glued to another small piece of the MB box. It is filled with MB scraps!
The Scientist and operator are made from 3 cut pieces of wire each, shaped with pliers and then covered in layers using various colors of clay. The eyes are done with marker.

This project was inspired by our son(the ‘blue print designer’) who is 9 years old. All the main elements were designed by him and he executed the majority of the lab elements and helped build the bed, desk, chair, window, and trap doors. His primary theme for this is that: Somewhere in time there is a portal to the past and future, next to my bedroom. The bedroom is reflective of his room though there is no window right next to his bed, and no real zip-line going out of his real window. He enjoys science, science fiction, and building. One can only wonder where he would want to travel and to what era if he only could….

Would love it if you offer a kids Build for 2016!