The Time Traveler

   by Michelle Vanek-Vician for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Having entered in the Mystery Build last year, I knew right away that the splitting the cardboard box in half lengthwise was number one in saving every scrap and would be a necessity. The sections for each scene and the base were made from this cardboard. To allow the base to rotate, I used the wooden circle and the styrofoam disk and used the ball bearing to sandwich between the small wooden ring and mini bowl.

The rocks, large cliff and ground for the floating city scene were made of paper mache from the outer box and modeling clay box and the instruction sheet.

The base of the pyramid in the Egyptian scene was made from the canvas board, while the pyramid itself was carved from the balsa foam. The saw dust from the carving and slicing was used for the sand, by gluing it on top of the foam pad. The rest of the sawdust was mixed with glue and formed into the camel. I made an impression with the modeling clay to make a mold for the egyptian figures, which were made with more glue and sawdust.

In the medieval scene, the trees were made from the popsicle sticks and the shavings from the carving of the castle towers. I made the dragon out of the modeling clay then covered it with several coats of Modge Podge to make it a bit harder and painted it with acrylics. The dragons teeth were formed from popsicle sticks.

For the futuristic floating city scene, burlap was used to create the ground. The foam sheet was carved to create the city itself. The coil was hammered flat to make the rings to go around the city and I cut the aluminum bar to make the space needle tower. The shrink film sheet was used for windows. The windows were punched out with a hole punch. Sharpie was used to draw the figures in the windows. I cut the scraps of foam and painted them to create the trees.

The box lid was cut in strips with points to use as trim for the three scenes. I used a Dremel on the dowel rod to carve it into a spiral. I carved a scrap piece of wood into a flame topper to spin the scenes.

I immediately thought of time travel when the theme was announced. To be able to travel somewhere, anywhere would be a truly amazing thing to do. If I had the opportunity to time travel, I would chose to not only go back in time to see the ancient Egyptian civilization, but also to experience Medieval courts of knights and castles, while finally seeing what the future holds.