The Time Traveler

   by Grace Belt for Somewhere in Time (2015)

My project consists of a tree, a figure and a stand.
I used a rectangular piece of wood from the kit to make a tree. I used a Dremel 4200 burnishing tool to create some texture for a trunk. I shaded the trunk with my father's supervision using a Bernzomatic blow torch. I also used safety googles. I made a stand from the square piece of wood and glued the trunk to it with a hot glue gun. I used some wire for the branches, twisting them and attaching them to the top of the truck. I covered some of the branches in clay, some I did not. I painted the whole tree with brown paint. I moulded clay into round shapes to look like clocks that were melting and hung them over the branches. I painted the clocks white with black faces.
My Time Traveler figure was made from bits of wood, burlap and clay that I found in the kit. I painted him in brown, black, blue and white. I glued him onto a circular wood base that I also painted as a clock face. I also used the round sponge, covered it in black clay and glued it underneath the circular stand to lift it up a little bit.

I always loved the idea of being able to travel through the past and the future. I saw the tree as holding the future and the past because it is so old. The Time Traveler was inspired from the early explorers of history. I also saw him as the white rabbit of the Alice In Wonderland story, always going back and forth and always running out of time. I wanted to show time moving so I made the clocks look like they were melting. The Time Traveler is holding the face of a clock in his hand because he is deciding where to go next. So we are watching our time traveler as he decides. What time shall it be?