The World was a Better Place when the Birds were in Charge

   by Carie Schoen for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I built a armature for the raven out of the box from the oil clay, wire and I flattened out the black polymer clay on my lowest setting on the pasta machine so I could eek out as much clay as I could and it worked out really well I was able to cover the entire bird and had a bit left over to make eyes, beaks and feet for the other birds. Before cutting apart the muslin bag I unraveled some of the threads to use for sewing the birds bodies together and I used the foam and cotton balls for stuffing. I took apart some of the heavier woven fabric (oh I forgot what that fabric is called) but anyway I took some of that apart and made two nests and that cute little egg was just perfect for my project so I painted that like a little robins egg and the other nest got that big steal heavy ball, I wonder what kind of robot bird will hatch out of that one? And the other supplies I used where the papers to make more birds and the wood piece I also painted onto them.

I choose " The World was a Better Place when the Birds were in Charge " because somewhere in time way before there were people to do what they have done to our planet the animals were living free, clean and happy.