Thoth; God of Time and Death

   by chloe adams for Somewhere in Time (2015)

First I constructed an armature out of the wire and built a body on top of it. The head piece was built on top of that and then I cut a wood piece to the size of the beak. I carved, sanded and stained the beak until it was the correct shape and color. I stained the rest of the wood pieces, painted the Styrofoam and Popsicle sticks raw umber and constructed the stand. Next, I made the hour glass by using the clear plastic sheet, the cotton balls, cardboard, paint, and string. The skirt followed, which I created by cutting the linen bag, fraying the edges and staining the bottom. I made the marble and wood piece to represent the moon. I painted the wood blocks gold, added the black hieroglyphic and made the clay bones. The base of the sculpture is made from the cardboard box, cotton balls, the burlap strip and the silver circle. The final touches were the gold touches on the figure, the jewelry on the figure, the sandals and the staff.

Thoth represents the idea of creativity, wisdom and death through-out time. Egyptian myth used him to symbolize the immortal human desire for knowledge and creativity. The perfect combination of relentless desire for discovery and the endlessness of time allows Thoth to encourage us through ages of art. Somewhere in time, past, present and future, Thoth encourages us to reach our creative and intellectual heights. This piece is a dedication to the idea and strength of Thoth.