Time Bomb

   by Mackenzie Chaney and Meagan O'Brien-Orta for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We used the wooden disk and two pieces of the wooden sticks to build the clock, which was painted. The bag used to hold the small pieces was stuffed with cotton and covered in clay (painted) to resemble the heart. After that, we attached the twisted wires and connected them with glue. Last, we took the wooden block and glued vein-shaped clay onto the block to connect everything together (painted).

Our inspiration to begin with was clocks of course. We used clocks and reflected it to life and how we all become older and wiser and then soon wither away. That inspired us to create a time bomb. Somewhere In Time to us meant that we are all present somewhere in our lives and all we can do is move forward to the end of this life and the start of something new.

We really enjoyed this challenge, and hope that observers are able to see what we are trying to get across, and possibly even be impacted in a way.