Time In Theoretical Sense

   by Joyce Hatzidkis and Selena Yang, Jasmine Veliz for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We started with the wooden block. We used a dremel tool and carved it in a hourglass shape. Next we glued the small and the big styrofoam circles and the big round wooden circle together to create the hourglass base. Then we shaved the mustard block into a circle and cut the cardboard canvas to make the top of the hourglass. Next, to create the handles we stuck three sticks into the styrofoam and covered it with clay to make a design. Then we painted the base, hourglass, and the top of the hourglass. We used the rubber band and wrapped it around the top of the handles to hold them together. To make the bunny, we attached polymer clay to the little wooden oval and painted it. We made the little clock in its hands out of paper and hot glued it to him. For the time capsule we used the little barrel and painted it. For the clock, we used the little mini wooden bowl and attached a little piece of flattened polymer clay. The wings are made of cotton balls. The sundial was made out of the little clothes pin. Then we painted the box it came in. To finish it up and make it gloss, we sprayed it with hairspray.

Time. It goes so indespicably fast. It carries it's wings fast past humanity and just as we catch up, it soars. Luminescent Day. Star-filled Night. Uproarious Day. Restful night. It goes so fast that a day feels just like an hour. The sun dial mocks us by constantly sprinting by. You can never catch up, even to its shadow. We are the rabbit in the Grim Brother's story. Stressed out, stumbling, struggling just to catch up with time that left us so long ago. No restful breaks, no dreamfilied rests. If you merely take just a slight break, you'll lose to the ever so seemingly slow tortoise. Time is universal. It travels through the inconceivably vast cosmic space, but still exists in our own acute microscopical world. Stars are like people. They are reborn but still die like a time ticking bomb. Just like dust and debris from the departure of stars, people leave something to be remembered by and seen by others. We leave time capsules. Something that exhibit past and future. Promise and hope. Hope that we can reach out and capture time, even just for a second.