Time Opus

   by Hannah Boutwell Salina Alcaraz and Hannah Boutwell & Salina Alcaraz for Somewhere in Time (2015)

As soon as we discovered the theme we knew exactly what we wanted to do, now it was just a matter of making it with the mystery build items. The main box was too short to hold the mechanics that were needed for our project so we ultimately knew that we would have to cut the box up. This was extremely difficult because once you cut it you cannot go back! The highlight of our piece was going to be an Egyptian pyramid so we used the 2"x2"x6" block of wood. We cut it into 1" cubes using a jigsaw to make a perfect pyramid. Then we used the other shorter block of wood to create a piece that could fit into the inside of the pyramid so it would not be hollow. We then cut a circle out of the circular flat piece of wood that would be the "Clock" of the project. Even though using the power tools for all of this was difficult it was going to end up being the easiest part. The most difficult was the mechanism that would make the whole project great... the movement. We needed to design gears that could be connected to the large wooden dowel which would fit into the bottom of the pyramid thus making everything spin!! So we decided to use the two styrofoam wheels. We cut the spool of thread in half and used one side to connect a piece of the aluminum wire to the foam. The wire and spool would hold the gear in place and still allow it to move! We did the same for the other Styrofoam circle and this time connected the wire to the base of the box using hot glue. This took a lot of trial and error and tons of small pieces of wire, but we prevailed! Now we had to attach the gear teeth. We had to make them all the same size with the same amount of their corners cut off for efficiency and have all of them evenly spaced apart on two different sized wheels. After countless hours of trying to make it work and trying to use wood, different wood, wire, the styrofoam itself and clay it finally worked with the carving foam. The moment of truth we connected the two wooden dowels into the side of the gear, covered the gears in clay and started to turn the gear worked! Next we attached the large wooden dowel by hot gluing wire to the dowel then making it flair out and connect to the gear. We had to flair it so it wouldn't be on top of the spool (That did not spin it was the support) and so that it would be straight. Then we used the white piece of board painted it with a spiral and drilled a hole in the middle for the dowel to go through. We did this A. for support and B. because it looked awesome! Then we drilled a hole in the bottom of the pyramid for the dowel to fit into and hot glued the entire pyramid to the top of the dowel!! We hot glued the clock on and painted everything using wood stain for the pyramid. Then the most fun part we made the tiny figurines out of clay and painted them and glued them to the pyramid going from oldest on the bottom to most recent on the top. After painting the entire thing and ensuring the mechanics worked we were done and what a roller coaster it had been!

The inspiration for our project was essentially the theme! From the get go we knew we wanted it to move. We wanted a certain time period but with accents of other periods. Then we thought of using time of the thing being made which is represented by the gears, then the spiral on the top of the base is the representation of time passing or moving. Then the whole upper part of the project is spinning because time is always moving always passing. The clock has the traditional number in the traditional order but on the other side the number are jumbled and are in a random order this represents why there are different time periods in the middle of the clock, you don't know which time period it is in! They are truly somewhere in time! The people on the pyramid start on the bottom with the oldest a Roman era Caesar figurine then the next step up is a knight in shining armor from the medieval times then the top is a present time astronaut. We wanted to make something cool that would make people think and that would have deeper meaning that everyone could interpret as they liked.