Time Revolution

   by Elizabeth Curtis and Jelaiya Jacobs for Somewhere in Time (2015)

My partner and I used several different tools. For the bottom base of the carousel, we cut a circle out of the top of the box, and painted it with brown acrylic paint, and brown EZ shape clay around the edge for a finished look. The top of the two bases is made out of the round piece of wood provided in the kit. It was sanded with sand paper, then gesso was applied on one side. Then five scenes were painted on the wooden circle, corresponding to the time period of the characters standing on them. In between the two bases, the wooden ring was placed on the bottom, as well as four pieces of foam were hot glued on the top of the base to provide support. The half circle was glued to the bottom of the top base in line with the circle on the bottom base and a groove was carved in to the half circle with a dremel tool. a hole was poked through the wooden base into the half circle and a small piece of wire was inserted with hot glue to secure them. The center support for the lid was a small wooden block and a lager part of a wooden block, which were hot glued together and sanded down, gesso'd and painted black so it wouldn't stand out to much. The five painted panels were the wooden block, cut into slices with a saw and gesso'd and painted with the scenes representing the people they stand behind. The lid of the carousel is a circle cut out of the top of the bow, also gesso'd and painted with gradiating brown to silver paint, as the technology of the lid progresses. The technology of the lid progresses with the time period of the characters that it is above. The water pipes are supported on craft sticks which have been hot glued to stay in place. The water is made out of the clay. The spinning wheel is the spool of thread, painted brown with the thread soaked in a mixture of brown paint and water to dull the color. A mixture of brown paint, glue and water was used to adhere the string to the lid. The following gears were made out of EZ shape clay, and one was painted partially gray to show the progression, and the other silver or left brown. The recorder was also made out of the EZ shape clay and string was used to wrap around it like tape and connect it to the gears. The wires on the last section were made out of the Premo and painted different colors and intertwined to look like a circuit board and modern technology. The friendly plastic strip was cut into four and but to become wavy. The inside was painted gold and small pieces of the foam pad was glued to to plastic to them be glued to the edges of the top of the carousel. The wood egg was sanded down to be flat on the narrower side and a hole was drilled into the middle, as well as through the center of the lid and into the main wood block support. A small piece of the wire was placed in/through these holes and filled with hot glue. All of the characters where made with wire body frames with part of the Styrofoam circle cut to be the width of their torso's and placed inside the main circle of the body frame. The frame was then covered in EZ shape clay and for the torso. Small circles of Styrofoams were carved into the correct width for the legs with a piece of wire for the correct length for Obama, Eisenhower, Gandhi and Ceaser. Confucius had splinters of craft sticks stuck into his torso to support him. All arms were made out of rounded pieces of styrofoam and splintered pieces of craft sticks to create the bend in the arms. All characters are supported by craft sticks painted brown with them hot glued onto the base and held on to the characters by clay.

Carousels spin and are constantly moving, just like time, and they also have the same basic shape as a clock, but they are not at all simple, just like history. History is what moves time forward for mankind; we learn from our mistakes only to repeat them in a different way. The historical figures were decided on were/are people of large influence for the entire globe, not just in their respective geographical region. We wanted people from all different time periods, all over the world and of different races to represent the diversity of the world through time. The idea of putting technology on the top of the carousel was inspired by the large influence and change in technology over time, but the ever constant need for it. We wanted this representation of time to be an over view of the growth of technology and the growth of humankind together.