Time Stopps

   by Robyn Hilt and Trends Class At GCHS for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Before we even started to build our project we did a blue print and decide on who
was in charge of what.
The first thing we did in our project we cut out half of the box to make the border of
the clock.
Another group cut out a circle from the foam to make the clock.
At the same time another group cut out a piece of wood to match the foam so they
could go together.
Another group made the bird with clay.
With clay we also made the hands of the clock and the numbers.
We put 2 other people in charge to make the nest, which they made out of the
brown fabric that came in the box.
One guy was in charge of the head board pieces that are connected to the box.
He cut them out of the half of box that was left.
Three girls were in charge of the pendulum which they used the wood that was
inside of the box.
They made a hole with a machine and connected a piece of wood with a little piece
of yarn.
Two other people got glue and let it dry so we could create the glass.
We took a piece of the metal and cut it so it could be the price that attaches the
After we finished building everything we started to paint every piece by its self.
We painted the clock brown and then went over it with dry brushing which was
black, so we could make it look realistic.
We glued the head pieces to box before we painted it and painted them the same
way we painted the clock.
After that we got gold looking painted and paint the pendulum and the wood that
was connected to it.
We dipped the numbers into black paint to make them the same color.
We ended up painting the inside all black to hide the color of the box.
We painted the foam white.
After everything was painted we glued the pieces on.
The first thing glued was the headboards but we did that before painting.
The next piece was the 4 pieces of wood which go around the square of the box.
Then we attached the pendulum with a little piece of yarn.
We glued the bird to the nest and cut out a little hole for it and glued it to the box.
We also glued the numbers to the clock along with the hands.
We connected the metal with glue to the box.
At the end we put a little dot on the box which we painted it gold.
Then we just went back to make little improvements to make it look better.

I think it matches the theme "A place in time" because
everyone doesn't really realize what's happening
around them and and the place is lost in the universe
also the time is broken cause we rush things.

We talked about the different types of design and
learned how to work as a team. We learned more
about the elements along the way of the project.
Our class is Trends & Textile Design. We are lucky
to have the program in our school because many
school are not lucky enough to have an excellent