Time is a Man-Made Abstraction

   by Nancy Adams for Somewhere in Time (2015)

First I opened the box and spread out the contents. Looks like challenging fun.
I took the little clothespin first and made clock hands from the wood and a mustache from the wire.
The two larger blocks of wood were designated clock. The pieces were doweled together to prevent them from separating. A circle with a mouse on it was cut from the brochure and glued onto the clock and the hands were painted and glued onto the mouse. Next I stained or painted the wood parts. A dripping Dali clock from "Persistence of Memory" was painted just under the mouse and dripped down to the base with cut-out silver numbers falling to the floor. The other three sides of the top are painted white with black numbers views of common clocks. The base is painted with a wrist watch band with a bit of the clock face showing on the bottom. The other two bottom sides are the universe painted.
The background was next made from the box top and painted in the image of Dali's bedroom design. It looks thick but is rather bright colors. The bottom of the box became the floor with the silver side up and watch gears painted in yellow. The flaps from the box top are not painted but are left to show the material.
Next were the easel and stool. They were glued and stained. The little canvas was glued to the easel to prevent it from falling. The stool has a bit of foam around the center to echo Dali's eyes.
Next the painting is a part of "Persistence of Memory" and a portrait of Dali. On top of the easel is an abstracted paint brush with burlap for bristles and pieces of wood which was then glued on.
The lamp is made from stained wood pieces and hard foam bottom and top. The bottom has another cut-out circle from the brochure. The top foam was painted black and the clothespin wire mustache was attached with glue after digging a little hole in the foam. The Dali eyes were sewed to the wire.
Next I made the baked black clay sundial face and the cat in reference to 9 lives. The sundial design was painted and glued to the top of the clock. On the top side of the dial is a disproportioned shadow caster in the design of a sundial .
The rug came next. It is the large wood disc cut out to resemble a clock gear. Burlap was glued to the edges and some circles were glued in the center. The rest of the rug was painted in a design and placed on the "gear" floor.

Dali's dripping clock was the inspiration for the "Somewhere in Time" theme. I had to be careful about adding too much to the piece so that it didn't become cluttered with unnecessary stuff.
Dali himself is part of the piece to give homage to him for his "Persistence of Memory".