Time on Hand

   by Roselyn Windau-Hutchins for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Black bracelet/Wood ring Set:
There is wire inside the bracelet with Premo around it, then baked in the oven. A dremel was used to carve into the wood ring, Premo was pressed in, then cooked shrink film rectangles painted gold on the back were pressed into the Premo.
Rubber band/Beehive Set:
The wood craft sticks wouldn't stick to the rubber band, so I cut holes in the band to let the glue through and anchor on each side. This also includes cooked shrink film circles painted gold on back.
TIME knuckle ring:
A dremel was used to cut and etch into the aluminum bar, aluminum wire was attached using Premo, then baked.
Cotton Set:
Tiny/thin pieces of cotton ball were laid out to form a sheet of cotton. The cuff link is aluminum wire with Premo and cotton, and the ring is only Premo and cotton.
Gold/Turquoise Set:
Friendly Plastic is used for both the bracelet and ring, there is also an aluminum clasp, thread, blue EZ shape modeling clay, and mirrored cardboard.
Canvas Set:
Made entirely of canvas.
Bangle Set:
Aluminum wire hammered on rocky cement. The ring also has Premo and small shards of thin aluminum wire.
Windmill Set:
Bracelet is the top of the cloth bag, and the ring used canvas, Premo, and cooked shrink film with pen and paint artwork.
Foamy Set:
Foam sheet wrapped with thread.
Plastic Set:
Bracelet is uncooked shrink film, indented with a hole puncher, and a (glueless) hot glue gun was used to bend it along the edges. The ring was the same size as the bracelet, then was cooked and rolled into place.
Black Pearl and Lace Set:
Bracelet uses cardboard and hot glued foam sheet, while the ring is a foam sheet, strip of mirrored cardboard, and steel ball.
Twinkling star Set:
Styrofoam disk formed into star with (glueless) hot glue gun, and uncooked shrink film loops.

I had no idea what to make until I watched some videos on how to use the Friendly Plastic, and thought it would be fun to make different styles of jewelry from throughout history. I strayed from that a bit as I ended up just being inspired by the materials themselves (maybe those are from the future).