Time to Travel

   by Carlen Lovejoy for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I built the main structures with "steel" posts made from the box and craft stick supports. The two art panels were painted to become a computer panel and a power plant. Originally, the steel ball should have circled round the coil of wire before dropping down to spin the time clock. The shrink plastic shrank way more than the 50% given in the directions. The resulting shift in the coil size no longer fit the size of the ball. I made two scientists with jute strand-wrapped wire covered in Premo! and later painted. The control panel was made of box cardboard with shrink plastic panels. The time tunnel's smoke and mirrors are cotton balls and the mirror disc. The lighting effects came through holes cut in the foam core board that I set the Mystery Build entry up on.

My inspiration was the vintage TV show Time Tunnel.