Timey Wimey Stuff

   by Margaret Knowles and Sarah Knowles for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The vortex started with the aluminum wire, which I paper mached (layers of paper from the cardboard, instruction sheet and pamphlet that were soaked in vinegar and water and applied with modgepodge). I finished the edges with black modelling clay. I painted the interior with yellow glow in the dark paint and used green modelling clay for the Roman numerals. The gears (inspired by a pattern at were cut double (and glued together for strength) from the plywood disc with a cutting blade on my dremel tool (note to self: invest in an easier cutting tool!). I cut a circle from the mirror board for the center of the vortex. I attached the gears to the round dowels, drilled through the basswood blocks. The gear handle and support for the Tardis were made from pieces of the rest of the round dowels, sections from the square hardwood strips and paper mache strips (as above) and glued together with wood glue and modge podge. The Tardis was inspired (but heavily adapted) from a pattern at and cut out of the kit box, with strips of cardboard added for the details. The inside of the Tardis was entirely my own design and made from the cardboard mirror, more cardboard and the foam sheet (punched with a hole punch for the circles). The yellow/green parts are covered in glow-in- the-dark paint as was the light on top which was made with the wood beehive. The entire Tardis is painted with acrylic painted and adorned with signs printed on the piece of paper and the wooden beehive was used for the light on top. . Doctor Who and most of Vincent are modelled out of the Premo, with some modelling clay bits (like shoes) added. IT was all painted in acrylics. Vincent's hat is made from burlap and a cotton ball inside. His paint brush is made from burlap fibres, put into the spring from the clothes peg and the handle is covered in modelling clay and painted with acrylic(worked fine). The structure for the soothsayer was cut from the foam pad with a craft stick down the center inside for stability. The head, feet and hands are modelling clay (painted) and the jewellery was made from melting the Friendly plastic, stamping and shaping it, then painting with metallic paint. The clothes were cut from the bag and sewn with the white thread, both of which were dyed with Seta Color fabric paint. Her hair is painted burlap strips. Mona Lisa and the Church at Auvers were painted with water colours and Inktense pencils onto rectangles cut from the Creative Mark canvas panel. Van Gogh's easel consists of legs cut from left over square wood strips. Mona Lisa's frame was cut from Styrofoam, coated in modge podge, then painted and glued on. Her gun is a combination of Styrofoam, modelling clay details and more paper mache (as above). The monsters and dinosaur were made with modelling clay and painted with acrylics. Van Gogh's monster has a tuft of burlap fiber on his head (painted) .Each of the 'moments in time' are attached to black,-painted craft sticks that were glued together then attached within the vortex (but not glued so they could move around for the movie). The London subway station was carved out of balsa-Foam block and painted with acrylics (what else?) and metallic paint.

I instantly thought of the mish-mashed moments in time in Doctor Who episodes that combine past, present and future. Trained as a historian, I think of time quite linearly, even though I am quite an outside of the box type of person. Using a Doctor Who theme allowed me to do a mashup of times and places which I enjoyed. I turned to my daughter, Sarah, who is the family Doctor Who expert, to help me get my 'facts' straight and develop the concept of the clock which is turned by gears into a lopsided vortex to represent the Doctor's time travelling. The gears also move the Tardis in time. She had fun modelling Dr. Who.