Treasured Times

   by Stacey May for Somewhere in Time (2015)

This is my third year participating in the Mystery Build - and, like last year, I bought the 2015 Mystery Build while the 2014 voting was still in progress... As in previous years, I had a few goals:
- it was important to me to have my general concept BEFORE I opened the box,
- I wanted to use at least a little bit of everything that was included in the box,
- I wanted to produce something of which I was proud, and
- I wanted to try to conceive an original idea - or at least render something I didn't think anyone else would.

Additionally, this year, I wanted to play with some moving parts – so I made a trunk that essentially works like a normal chest… I experimented with creating a marionette. I think I need A LOT of practice as a puppeteer, but the turtle’s head and swimmers essentially work – for an amateur. I also wanted to work a little more on my video skills. In the past I have always taken still photos. I think I am closer to figuring out the time lapse video stuff, but I didn't truly accomplish all that I wanted to this time around. I am a little more comfortable with the media now - so hopefully I'll retain the "skill" until next year's Build (which will inevitably not commence until October 1st - every year).
My "Work In Progress" video essentially shows how I created everything. It’s a little lengthy – sorry – but I put so much detail into this build that all the little aspects seemed hard to ignore - and in real time... I spent ALOT of time on this project compared to past years. Anyway - it somewhat comprehensively answers the question: How’d you do that?

The Final Photo Shoot: I took literally hundreds of photos from various angles, in different lighting, and with different backgrounds. I have two monitors in use with my computer and the same photo has a different contrast depending on which screen I view it on.... I chose a photo that hopefully illustrates my concept aesthetically within the range of these monitor differences, while still showing some of what I think are cool details through shadows.

Tools and Equipment Used: Xacto knife, razor blades, pins / pencils / paint brush tips (for clay detail), a drill, a Dremel and various bits, a Dremel saw thingy (technical term), a clay machine thingy, a clay extruder, scissors, the freezer, an airbrush, a hammer, an overhead projector, a flashlight, and paint brushes.

Adhesives / Liquids / Inks Used: Wood Glue, E-6000, Elmer's Glue, Mod Podge, white primer, black primer spray paint, various acrylics, wood deck stain, a few colored latex paints, permanent markers, an ink pen, water.
I did not end up using the following in the build – though I did monkey around with them: plywood disk (I made a clock as a joke for the video, but I ran out of time in the video compilation stage), cotton balls (algae, discarded), and though I did use the clothespin to clamp things throughout the project – I didn’t use it in the build.

Inspired by some idea that I conjured up about all that a single sea turtle might see in its long lifetime… and if it was a trinket collector – think of all the history! “Somewhere in time” these real life lost treasures belonged to someone with a story. I got to learn about some of them. I only wish it had given me insight as to where they really are stashed!
My goofy write up in my Newspaper Headline and essentially a little additional back story:
Headline: Turtle found with stashed TREASURE TROVE off the coast of Sumatra.

Deep-sea explorers have pulled up 48 tons of treasure from three miles below the surface of the Indian Ocean in what may be the deepest, largest precious metal recovery in history.

The haul was retrieved from a 1500s trunk believed to have sunk with the Flor de la Mar - a Portuguese galleon that sank in 1511.

The expedition, by May Marine Exploration, a company specializing in shipwreck exploration, Amongst the treasure recovered are some of the world’s most sought after treasures: a bracelet that is believed to be the magical bracelet of the Maharajah, Tucker’s Cross, The Alexander III Commemorative Faberge’egg, and a portion of the Crown Jewels of Ireland. Also curious is the mix of gold and silver from what is believed to be the Treasure of Lima alongside pieces that may possibly be from the Oak Island money pit.

The cache has been transported to a secure facility in the United Kingdom, which contracted the project under the Department of Transport. Under the contract, May Marine Exploration will retain 80 percent of the net value of recovered goods, after expenses, according to a press release.

See TREASURE on Page F6

Photo Caption: Some of the world’s most sought after treasures seemingly hoarded by treasure hunting turtle. Animal behaviorist, Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, says it is entirely possible that the turtle had collected the items during his travels over the past 125 years. The turtle was not captured with the treasure.