by Doreen Roy for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used the Mystery Build cardboard box to build my viking longboat hull and deck. Utilizing my drawing skills to shape the body of the boat first. Then I used glue and clamps to bind it together. The longboat is painted using several shades of brown marker. The tail is shaped from the aluminum wire by long nose pliers. The figurehead is carved using fine small files and sandpaper from the Balsa-Foam Block. The wood craft sticks were shaped to form the oars using an exacto-knife. The base is created from the foam pad which was manipulated with exacto-knife to represent water and waves and painted with water colors. The paper was used to create the shields which were designed with markers. The square hardwood strips were used for the sail and main mast. The burlap was cut into strips to edge the bow and aft. I took apart the cloth bag, cut it to length, painted red stripes and sewed it with the thread from the bobbin to secure it to the mast. Also, used thread as the main sail and mast tie lines.

My inspiration came from watching the History Channel show Vikings. As a history buff, I am fascinated with the history of these Northern people and their ways of life. The theme, somewhere in time, resonated a forgotten history of these adventurous and conquering people. They were excellent boat builders and each boat is a work of art and individualized.