Volcano Girl

   by Nina Passarello for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Glue Paint Scissors Exacto Knife Calligraphy Pen
Burlap,Wood,The cardboard Box and Paper from the Brochure, Shrinky Dink, Foil and the silver ball

When I started to think of the phrase "Somewhere in Time" it was at a time when discussions of the
"Big Bang Theory" were on the TV and radio so I thought of way "out there" space and source of
energy -- and our beginnings. This led me to imagine a female figure reaching outward and upward to the heavens in a spiritual or esoteric way as if to be searching for answers and enjoying the wonder of it all. As well as reaching upward excitedly as if in a windy and explosive way, there is also the aspect of the word TIME, which makes one think of past and old mythology-hence the dragon!! The Chinese words are about aspirations,hope,travel,sun and moon and so on. Also the important one-ETERNITY. We search for meaning and this women is reaching out, and yet grounded in the earth and incidentally the explosion theme is why she resembles the energy of a volcano.

A very interesting experience using my life experience and thoughts as well as arts background.