What Do Androids Dream?

   by Robert Roth for Somewhere in Time (2015)

For this project I wanted to use as many of the materials as possible while creating a narrative. I focused most of my efforts on two fronts creating figures that would be the characters in the narrative and creating elements that defined the setting. During this project I liberally made use of India ink applied with a spray bottle.
I used the Premo! to create two small figures, one with the steel ball for an eye and another with no arms, and pairs of hands and feet for another figure. The figure with Premo! parts also had the wood cube, the wood mini bowl, and the wood mini barrel forming its body and is named The Camera-man. I used the modeling clay to create several dozen basic human outline forms. This shape is repeated in other set pieces and figures. The foam pad was used to create two figures, one was whole and the other was sewn together using thread that had been dyed with India ink. I cut the foam with an electric turkey knife. The last figure was a small and simple one formed from the moldable metallic strip.
The shrink film sheet I drew on with a marker and shrank it whole, then I sanded the back to it would be opaque. I drew on the small canvas in marker and used a stencil to spray India ink around the shape of an abstract being on the painting board. The wrappers for the Premo! and modeling clay I melted with a heat gun and sprayed with India ink. I carved both of the wood blocks, one partially in the round to create a vague statue and another done in relief similar to a printmaking block. The foam sheet and cloth bag were made into tents. The main set piece is comprised of the flat pieces of wood and the wood sticks as well as the Styrofoam disks, aluminum wire, cardboard mirror, clothespin, wood ring, and wood half ball. The aluminum strip was cut into and line work was emphasized with India ink. Lastly, I tore the scraps of paper, the modeling clay box, the mystery build box, and cut the instructions for the shrink-wrap to have material to write on.

My inspiration for this project was all the different materials and how they could coexist. I chose to use the theme by creating characters who would seem out of place to people of today.