What the Buck? (or The 24 3/4 Century)

   by Andrea Brittain for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I drew Duck Dodgers onto the painting board, cut him out, and painted him. I left a notch on the bottom of his foot to lodge him into one of the Styrofoam discs, which I glued to the base. I made Twiki (the robot) using both the foam pad and sheet. I wrapped the thread around his upper arms to create the coiling. I glued craft sticks to his back, long enough down his legs to stick through the base. It also created strength for him to wear the computer around his neck, made from the wood ring, marble, and aluminum wire. I also used small pieces of the wire for the bolts to hinge his arms and legs. I used the hardwood strips for flagpoles and card stock for the flags. I cut and painted the craft sticks and attached them to wood strips to make the Xs. I cut little pieces of the shrink film sheet and glued them to the background after it was painted, to create the stars.

Duck Dodgers and Buck Rogers