When Am I?!

   by Robin Sulic for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I primarily used the cardboard from the box itself - stripped parts of it to the corregated portion for roof and cobblestone streets. Orange foam for stairs and balconies. I cut down the large wood block hoping to use the roughly 1/4 in pieces as parts of the buildings but cut it horribly so couldn't use it. Instead I realized the wood is very soft, while some of the other smaller pieces were quite hard, so I shaved down pieces of the large block wood into shingles for the roof, parts of the lamps, window details and balcony railings, doors. Popsicle sticks for the roof of one building. Soft foam for the sidewalk, hard large porous foam for balconies. Armature silver wire for lamp, railings, chimneys and door details. Baked clay for people and soft clay for flowers, plants and doorknobs. Cotton from the cotton balls dyed with watered down acrylic paint for the smoke in the chimneys, and undyed for the mist around the time portal. Lots of acrylic painting for details.

I had just finished reading The Outlander series (in case you are unfamiliar, the main character falls through a time portal and goes back in time 200 years), and I love the Victorian era. I thought it would be fun to create a Victorian scene rather than a futuristic theme, although most of the materials provided seemed more futuristic.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of following a theme and having a deadline! I would have preferred a clay option that was easier to work with - the baked clay was very hard to get small details and even to get it to stick together, and the non-dry clay was so soft it was very tough to work with. I would have liked to be able to bake it or let it dry so it wasn't quite so vulnerable. A lot of the large wood and metal pieces were too tough to work with - I look forward to seeing if people could use them!