When? Where? WHO?

   by Chris Shperuk for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Tardis - Body of is made from the basswood block, with craft sticks and the small hardwood stick to build out details. The top of it was carved from the balsa-foam, and the light on top was made from cardboard mirror and foam sheet on top. All was airbrushed blue. The windows were cut from the shrink film, painted on the back and glued in place.
tree - Round dowel as trunk, and foam pad cut into many strips and glued in place, airbrushed for color.
bushes - cotton balls, spray painted
fence - cut from soho painting board, and hardwood strips
grass land - on instructions for shrink film and paper. grass painted.
walk way - shaved one of the basswood blocks and cut the shavings into tiny pieces, as well as on of the styrofoam discs. used spray glue and sprinkled shavings over and painted when dry.
House - made from box, painted, craft sticks and foam sheet for detail around window and on roof peeks. shrink film for windows, used markers to color bars on windows. main door window has canvas panel behind colors with 6 different color markers to give stainglass effect. curtains made from cloth bag.
fountain - bottom is plywood disc with modeling clay textured. One styrofoam disc, covered with mirror cardboard and colored to look like water. modeling clay to build up the walls of the fountain. wood ring in middle of fountain, with string colored with marker glued under it and attached to clay to look like sprinkler.

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