You Built a Time Machine... Out of a DeLorean?!

   by Stephanie Spangler and Tim Spangler for Somewhere in Time (2015)

* Premo! - tires on car, gargoyles on city hall
* Shrink film sheet with instructions - windows/windshield in car, flux capacitor, bay windows
* aluminum wire - awnings, armature for Marty, wires an steering wheel on car, parts of cannons
* wood craft sticks - Welcome sign on town sign, park bench
* foam sheet - bay window, Lou's Cafe sign
* foam pad - columns for city hall, red tubes on back of DeLorean
* styrofoam discs - tires on car
* paper - city block building (Stationers)
* Creative Mark canvas panel - passenger door of car, roof of car, interior of car, platform for flagpole/war memorial
* Soho painting board - city block building (Travel Service)
* basswood blocks - body of car, gull wing door on DeLorean
* burlap - trashcan, frame around clock
* square hardwood strips - tree, supports for city block buildings
* EZ Shape modeling clay and box - car seats, base of war memorial, part of plutonium chamber on DeLorean, tree, Marty, cannons, bushes, park bench, box used for lawn and record store sign
* Friendly plastic moldable metallic strip - part of war memorial
* round dowels - flag pole, supports for car tires, alarm clock in DeLorean
* plywood disc - lawn
* aluminum bar - war memorial
* cardboard mirror - hubcaps on car, frame for flux capacitor
* Balsa-Foam block - base of city hall columns, thrusters on DeLorean, time devices inside car
* cotton balls - tree
* cloth bag - flag, town sign, awnings, drawstring used for flagpole
* wood cube - weight support for city block buildings
* wood half ball - weight support for city block buildings
* wood ring - back of clock
* wood mini barrel - part of plutonium chamber on DeLorean
* wood beehive - plutonium chamber on DeLorean
* mini clothespin - middle console (gear shift) in car
* steel ball - weight support for city block buildings
* thread bobbin - part of flag pole, wires on car
* Mystery Build kit box - city hall/steps, dashboard in car, sides of car, small signs on town sign, label (plastic) on top used for sidewalks, tubing around foam on back of DeLorean

unused items - wood mini bowl, wood egg

Because this year was the 30th anniversary of the first Back to the Future movie, I thought it appropriate to use that as the inspiration behind my interpretation of the theme 'Somewhere in Time.'