the Family Tree

   by Andrew Prekker for Somewhere in Time (2015)

next to the name of each material, is labeled what I used that material in/for.

1 shrink film sheet: tube in rotating base, rifle.
aluminum wire: rings on rotating base, rocking chair, ship masts, crest-helmet
wood craft sticks: pegs on base, tree trunk base, tree branches.
foam sheet:
foam pad: hill base, tree leaves, hair.
2 styrofoam discs: base of tree canopy.
paper: tree support in base, section-scene walls.
creative mark canvas panel: name banner, dirt, porch/deck.
Soho painting board: inner wall supports.
2 basswood blocks: gear box.
burlap: baby carriage, grass, hair, bush.
square hardwood strips: ship detail, fence, porch railings.
EZ modeling clay: ocean waves, people, tree bark.
friendly plastic moldable metallic strip: rocking chair.
2 round dowels: crank on gear system, small tree.
plywood disc: bottom of rotating base.
aluminum bar:
cardboard mirror:
balsa foam block:
cotton balls: gun smoke.
cloth bag: hill, people's clothing, American flag.
wood cube: center of house.
wood half ball:
wood ring: gear leveler.
wood mini bowl: baby carriage seat
wood mini barrel:
wood beehive:
wood egg: baby carriage hood.
mini clothespin: ropes on ship
steel ball: crest helmet
thread bobbin:
cardboard box: ship hull, helmet, house
shingles, rotating platform, baby carriage.

This project is based off of research done on my third great grandfather, Eildert Prikker. At first my mind immediately thought of time machines, or futuristic inventions. But I wanted to take a different route, and so I was inspired by genealogy. Before I knew it the idea came to me that I would recreate the journey of one of my ancestors. I decided to further investigate my roots, and using an online ancestry site, I found the perfect candidate. The whole project is based on real information and photographs I have collected.