2014 Mystery Build Tips and Tricks

When you open a Mystery Build Kit, you open a world of possibilities...

Mystery Build is about being resourceful and using your materials in surprising and inventive ways. When you purchase a kit you also get complimentary access to 6 Tips and Tricks videos to get you started.

Contact us at anytime if you have questions about materials and techniques, or if you are uncertain if your technique is in violation of any rules.

Uncover the Secrets! Unlock the 2014 Tips and Tricks Videos!

Unlock the Tips and Tricks videos using the password found inside your kit, on your printed rule book.

Example video:

Deconstructing the Wooden Mannequin from Mystery Build on Vimeo.

The 2014 Project Theme: Build a Dream

It's a broad, open ended theme, that you can interpret however you want. You could create a representation of a dream you've had while sleeping, or make your project about a hope or aspiration. The dream doesn't have to be your own. You could look to the dreams of famous artists or inventors, or consider significant historical events that were precipitated by dreams. You can use songs, films, or books about dreams as your inspiration. The possibilities are endless, and nothing is right or wrong.

Getting Started on Your Project

The best way to get started with your Mystery Build project is to just dive in and start playing. Most participants that are nervous about what to do, end up surprising themselves with what they create. People who don't have much experience working in 3D end up making really unique sculptures, videos, and more. The purpose of the challenge is to push you outside of your comfort zone and usual ways of creating and problem-solving. Once you get started, momentum will naturally build.

You could begin by watching our Tips and Tricks videos, and get familiar with any materials you haven't worked with. Do google image searches for things like sculpture + (type of material), for example 'Stryofoam Sculpture'. Do some general research into techniques that may come to mind. You might consider trying to find similar materials locally, to run some tests before using the kit.

Some people start with the theme and try to imagine what they might create if they had their choice of materials. Then they try to figure out how they can make it with the kit, like putting a puzzle together. Other people start by examining the materials and thinking about what techniques they want to use, then try to fit that around the theme. There is no right way, it's art after all, and you should approach the challenge in any way you think could be fun.

For inspiration you can look through the gallery of past projects and get a feel for how other people have tackled the challenge. You can also look through our art history image gallery for general artistic inspiration. There are about 1,000 images of great art there, from cave painting to modern works.

Sometimes it's good to marinate on things, and dream about it for a while.

Ask For Help

You should not hesitate to email us and ask us questions, we get all kinds. We're not part of the judging process, so we can provide some guidance on specific or general issues that come up for you. We can help you with art techinques, materials information, and more. Contact us anytime and we'll do our best to respond the same day.