Welcome to the 2015 Mystery Build Gallery!

There are 124 amazing projects, in random order. The number in the upper left-hand corner of each entry is used to help identify a specific entry, not an indication of rank.

Participants were given identical building materials and the challenge of creating a work of art around the theme "Somewhere in Time" using only the materials provided in their kits. Entries are judged on creative use of the materials, use of the theme, general craftsmanship and presentation.

Voting Instructions:
Rate as many or as few projects as you want by selecting 1-5 stars. You can rate individual projects once per day until November 20th. You can change your rating during each day by selecting a different number of stars for any given project. After 24 hours has passed since your intial rating, your star icons will be emptied and you can cast your votes again. Only one voter per household is allowed. Any atempt to vote fraudulently (like using proxies) may disqualify that entry (yes this has happened in the past and is easy to catch).

Winners will be posted on November 30th.