Submission Instructions

There are 3 steps to submit your Mystery Build project. Make sure you used your assigned alias and password. If you don’t have them anymore please email

DO NOT submit without your assigned alias and password or your entry will not be added to the database correctly.

In Step 1 you will provide your contact information so we can get in touch if you win a prize. We won’t share your contact info with anyone.

Step 2 is your written project description. It can be helpful if you write this out in a text document before submitting, then just copy and paste into the submission form. You will enter your project title, the names of any team members (leave blank if none) and a description of how you made your project. This will be read by the judges and voters. You may want to include information about the techniques you used, and which materials became which parts of your project. Anything you think is important for people to know. You will fill out a second description about your project inspiration and how you used the theme “Somewhere in Time”.

Step 3 is uploading your photos and/or videos. If you have trouble email for help. Don't upload your project multiple times.

First upload your primary file (image or video) of your finished project, then upload additional files of your work in-progress and any other supporting photos or video. You may combine your final project and in-process files in one video presentation if desired.

Accepted file formats
Images: JPG, GIF, or PNG
Video: AVI, MOV, MP4, or WMV.
Individual files must be less than 500MB.

Naming your files: Please include your name and project title in your file names. Do not use spaces or symbols like #$& in your file names. Dashes and underscores are fine.

* Your primary image, for best display, should be between a 3:5 to 6:5 aspect ratio. Images that are very tall and skinny, or very short and wide, can become distorted in the voting gallery.

* You should include at least five (5) images of your project in-process, or one video showing how your project was created. If your primary file is a video, please include a final photo as well.

* Upload your primary photo or video by clicking 'Choose File' then hit the black 'Upload' button. You can then upload additional files. Do not select multiple files at once, upload each individually.

* When all files say 'Done!' click the final submit button

* Video files are large and may take 30 minutes or more to upload.

* If you have files that are larger than 500MB, you can submit URLs to downloadable media on Dropbox or other cloud storage. Don't publicly upload videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites until after the submission deadline on October 20th. After the deadline has passed you can share and post your work any and everywhere.

Submission Tips

With many participants uploading files in the last days before the deadline, there can be some technical difficulties from time to time. Here’s some tips to help smooth out the process:

* If you have a long written description of your process, which is generally a good thing, make sure you keep a backup copy of that text. In the event that something goes wrong with your submission you don’t want to have to retype that part.

* Select and upload your files one at a time. Wait for all files to say “Done” before hitting the final “Submit” * button. If one seems to get stuck, select that file again and re-upload.

* If you have a problem after you see the final confirmation page, don’t resubmit your entry. Duplicate submissions can complicate things further. Email us for help first.

* Images that are tall and skinny, or short and wide, tend to look smaller as thumbnails in the voting gallery. It’s best to use images that are squarish or moderately rectangular. Upload the largest images you have, things will be resized on this end.

* If you want your supporting images to appear in a specific order you can control that in the file names. Files appear in alphanumeric order automatically. If you have images #1-11, your file names could include 01, 02, 03, and so on. Remember if you use 1-9 and then 10 and 11, the order will become 1,10,11,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

* If you have taken your photos with a phone or tablet they can sometimes appear sideways on your submission. If you can open and re-save these files on a computer it can help orient them correctly when you upload.

* Don’t use spaces or special characters in your file names like $ % # @ &.

* Submit your project as early as possible so we can assist you better. Things can get crazy in the final days and we won’t be able to respond as quickly.

* If you try to upload before the deadline and have a problem submitting, remain calm, your project will not be counted late. Email us for help.